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SAFEA and JLU unveils 1st Base in China for introducing High-level Talents

17, Jun, 2017 Office of Global Engagement 41

    On June 15th, the signing and launching ceremony of “Jilin University Base for introducing Chinese and Foreign High-level Talent” co-established by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) and Jilin University (JLU) was held in on the central campus of JLU. It is said that this is the 1st base co-established by SAFEA and a university. Vice Minister of Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Administrator of SAFEA Zhang Jianguo, Deputy Administrator of SAFEA Zhou Changkui, Director of Department of Economic and Technical Experts of SAFEA Xu Haoqing, Director of Department of Cultural and Educational Experts Nie Biao, member of CPC Jilin Provincial Standing Committee and Executive Vice Governor Li Wu, Deputy Chief of Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jilin Province (HRSSD) and inspector JIANG Yanhui, school officials of the leadership of JLU including YANG Zhenbin, LI Yuanyuan, CHEN Gang, ZHENG Weitao and SUN Youhong, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of Center of Future Science Prof. Yu Jihong, officials from SAFEA and HRSSD (Jilin Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) of Jilin Province, staff from administrative departments and teaching and research institutes of JLU and faculty representatives attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by secretary of CPC Committee of JLU YANG Zhenbin. 




    In the ceremony, ZHANG Jianguo and LI Yuanyuan signed the co-establishment agreement and unveiled the plate for the base on behalf of SAFEA and JLU respectively,. The base is now consisted of Center of Future Science and Department of Cutting-edge and Interdisciplinary Sciences. On the basis of strategic demands of national and regional development and focusing on high-level and scarce talents, both sides will strive to build the base into a platform for introducing high-level foreign talent and fostering top innovative Chinese talent, conducting basic and cutting-edge research and independently developing high technology and build it into a demonstration base for commercializing and promoting research findings.  

    In his speech, Yang Zhenbin expressed sincere appreciation and respect for SAFEA and CPC committee and provincial government of Jilin for supporting Jilin University and for those who have made great efforts for the signing of the agreement and establishment of the base. He said that JLU would continue to emphasize both talent introduction and cultivation. On the one hand, JLU will enhance its efforts to foster more talent, making it a base for producing high-level talent. On the other hand, supported by CPC committee and provincial government of Jilin, JLU will strive to build the talent base and introduce talent in a comprehensive way. It will take talent introduction as a driving force for developing Double First-rate University and contributing to national socioeconomic development and a new round of growth of economy for northeastern part of China. 

    LI Yuanyuan mentioned in his speech that JLU has studied and carried out the spirit embodied in a series of speeches delivered by President Xi Jinping. On the basis of a sound momentum for development, JLU focuses on strategy of innovation-driven development and major demands of national development and strives to introduce a group of high-level talent from abroad in a rapid manner to carry out talent introduction work in tandem with commercializing research findings. Center of Future Science led by member of Chinese Academy of Sciences Prof. Yu Jihong has already brought in a group of high-level experts and teams from Ukraine to start their work. It is on the way to bring in Nobel Prize laureates and members of national academy of sciences from several countries. Department of Cutting-edge and Interdisciplinary Sciences is the unfinished work of the late strategic scientist and role model of our times Professor Huang Danian. To pass on his spirit, the top priority is to build and develop Base for Chinese and Foreign High-level Talent and Department of Cutting-edge and Interdisciplinary Sciences and make breakthroughs in the research area he pioneered. Meanwhile, JLU will regard the ceremony as a starting point, stick to its of “innovative, cooperative, green, open, sharing” development, carry out its strategic thought of “wisdom of talent around the world” and provide strong human resources to realize “Two One-hundred Years” Chinese dreams and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 

    LIN Wu emphasized that JLU is the leader of institutes of higher education in Jilin province. In recent years, it JLU has deepened its comprehensive reform and accelerated its inclusive development which has prominently elevated its core competitiveness. It now ranks one of the top universities in China in terms of its comprehensive strength, which laying lays a solid foundation for its efforts to grow into a Double First-Rate university. While developing itself, JLU has contributed enormously to the Jilin province with its strong sense of mission and urgency by playing a positive role in producing talent, innovating technology and translating research findings into concrete results. He hopes JLU will stay true to its mission, shoulder its responsibilities and contribute more wisdom and strength to the rejuvenation of Jilin. Jilin province will as always support JLU’s reform and development and its major plans to attract more talent, carry out innovation-driven development and implement a series of important national deployment such as the Belt and Road Initiative and revive the rustbelt Northeast to blaze a new trail for Jilin’s development. 

    ZHANG Jianguo pointed out that the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to introducing foreign talent According to major decisions and deployment made by the central government innovative development of higher education, national strategic demands of introducing talent and its focus on demands for economic restructuring and upgrading, JLU has put talent introduction as a priority for its strategic development and achieved great results. The cooperative mechanism set up by SAFEA and JLU will help introduce a group of high-level foreign talent in a planned, systematic and unconventional manner and maximize the role of foreign experts. Both sides will take this ceremony as an opportunity, focus on national strategic goals, optimize program structure of introducing talent and guide university resources to major programs. SAFEA will give more support to JLU in terms of policy and expenses and contribute more to JLU for building a Double First-Rate University and serving major national strategic demands. 



    Following the ceremony, the steering group of the Base held its first joint work conference discussing on giving full play to advantages of both sides and promoting the construction of the Base. Then the steering group visited NIMAC International Joint Laboratory, exchanged ideas with some foreign experts there, talked about their work and life and problems they meet and promised that the Base would do everything to solve their problems and create a better environment for them to live and work in China.