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Professor Garry D. Bruton Engaged as the High-end Foreign Expert of Jilin University

24, Aug, 2018 Office of Global Engagement 201

(Reported/ photo taken by: Xi Lin, School of Management) On Aug. 17, the “High-end Foreign Expert” appointment ceremony for Professor Garry D. Bruton was held at the School of Management, Jilin University (JLU). Professor Cai Li, Executive Vice Chair of University Council,  on behalf of JLU, granted appointment certificate for Professor Bruton and helped him wear the school badge of JLU. Representatives from Office of Global Engagement, Office of Talent Affairs and other administrations as well as faculty and student representatives from School of Management participated in the appointment ceremony. 


In her address, Professor Cai Li, on behalf of JLU, warmly welcomed Professor Bruton to join JLU officially and expressed heartfelt appreciation for the contributions he had made to promote academic exchanges and personnel cultivation of management discipline. When introducing the development status of JLU and the background of constructing “double first-class” university, Professor Cai underlined the great significance of talents, especially the high-end talents such as Professor Bruton, for the development of a university. “As a world-famous management scientist, Professor Bruton has made outstanding innovative achievements in strategic management field with his sublime academic status and state-of-the-art academic capacity. His joining to JLU will bring new opportunities to the development of management discipline in terms of scientific research, discipline building, personnel cultivation and international cooperation. JLU will further improve the services offered to high-end foreign experts like Professor Bruton, build better platform and create nicer conditions for them to work in China,” said Professor Cai.

Professor Bruton said he felt quite honored to be able to join in JLU through the Recruitment Program of High-end Foreign Experts and expressed his special appreciation to State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs, JLU and the School of Management of JLU for offering him the cooperation opportunity. Also, he talked about the future cooperation with JLU. He said that in the future, he would attach great importance to his work in JLU as the key point of his academic career. During his first engagement period as a high-end foreign expert, Professor Bruton plans to enhance the cooperation with JLU in terms of guiding the students and faculty members of relevant disciplines of JLU to issue world-class high-level theses, applying for and carrying out international cooperation scientific research programs, introducing and recommending well-known international scholars, providing international exchange opportunities for students and teachers of JLU as well as Ph.D. joint cultivation programs. High-level international cooperative researches are expected to be launched to do more contributions to the development of JLU.   

 As a famous scholar in strategic management field and the full professor of Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University of the US, Garry D. Bruton is one of the world-acknowledged top scholars focusing on the management issues of emerging economic areas. Professor Bruton has taken many academic duties, including the chairman of Asia Academy of Management (AAOM), and chief editors of many international academic journals including the top 3 journals of Academy of Management (AOM): Academy of Management Perspective (AMP), Journal of Management Studies (JMS) and Asia Pacific Journal of Management (APJM).

 As a key talent attracting program organized and implemented by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of P.R.C., the Recruitment Program of High-end Foreign Expert aims to introduce scientists, leaders in sci-tech and economic fields, talents in operation and management field and talents full of innovative and pioneering spirit who are able to break through key technologies, develop high-tech new industries, lead emerging disciplines and promote the development of industry, so as to meet the demand of China’s key industries and fields to boost the development of economy and the society.