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Jilin University - Universidad de Buenos Aires Communication Week and the 3rd Jilin University “Argentina Lecture Hall” Was Successfully Held in Our University

10, May, 2018 77

From May 6 to 9, Jilin University - Universidad de Buenos Aires Communication Week and the 3rd Jilin University “Argentina Lecture Hall” was successfully held in our university. The delegation from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) being consisted of 3 representatives (Mr. Badericio Hernan Conejoro Audleys, the associate vice president for international affairs and the dean of Confucius Institute of UBA, Maria Carolina Mela Alba, the dean of School of Social Sciences as well as Ivan Marcelo Biges, the general coordinator of International Office) visited Jilin University (JLU) and attended the activities during the Communication Week. Mr. Zheng Weitao, vice president of JLU, attended the opening ceremony and made an address. Ms. Zhang Guangcui, director of the Office of Global Engagement, JLU and director of International Chinese Education Northeastern Base hosted the ceremony. The trainees of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) 2018 Chinese Teacher Volunteers to Mongolia JLU Training Class, the Confucius Institute scholarship winners from Argentina as well as the students and teachers of JLU attended the opening ceremony and the “Argentina Lecture Hall”. Person in charge of some administrations, schools and colleges such as Talent Affairs Office, Social Science Office, Office of Global Engagement, School of Philosophy and Sociology, College of Foreign Languages, College of Humanities, School of Economics, Northeast Asian Studies College and College of Plant Science as well as over 100 representatives of teachers and students took part in the various academic communication activities during the Communication Week. 

At the opening ceremony of JLU-UBA Communication Week and the 3rd JLU “Argentina Lecture Hall” held on the morning of May 7, President Zheng Weitao expressed warm welcome to the delegate from UBA. Then he reviewed that since the both parties initiated jointly the lecture program in 2011, taking the Confucius Institute (also jointly established by the two parties) as a platform and the languages as carriers, they promoted mutual communications in education, science research and culture, and made great contributions to the development of Sino-Argentina economy. As JLU has stepped into a new stage of “Focusing on development with connotation, trying efforts to become a leading university”, and has started cooperation with UBA at economics field, there will be great cooperation potential in their respective strong disciplines of humanities, social sciences and agriculture science. Finally he said that he believed with the nice platform of Confucius Institute, the both parties will definitely do excellent contributions to the economy and society of the two countries.

In his address, Doctor Badericio introduced briefly the history and profile of UBA, reviewed the contributions that the Confucius Institute of UBA has made in the past 10 years for the non-governmental exchange between the two countries. In the next 10 years, he said, he hoped to join hands with JLU, take the Confucius Institute as a bridge, achieve more comprehensive and deep cooperation between the two universities and even the two countries.

After the opening ceremony, Doctor Badericio gave the first report of “Argentina Lecture Hall” this year-The Role and Positioning of Internationalization in Higher Education in 21st Century. In which, he introduced the measures and achievements that UBA had taken and obtained in international communication in recent years; and analyzed the role and positioning of internationalization in the development of higher education in 21st Century. In addition, he asked the attendees several questions, including what the core factors of the rapid and continuous growth of colleges were, what financing channels could universities take for internationalization, what the main motivations that led to the rapid development of UBA were. Then, he made deep interactions with the students and teachers and won critical acclaim. 

Professor Maria, the dean of School of Social Sciences, UBA, gave the academic report named Immigrate and Multi-culture at Northeast Asian Studies College and School of Philosophy and Sociology, made deep discussion with the students and teachers upon the issues of Argentina immigrates and development of multi-culture.

During the Communication Week, the delegation from UBA conducted discipline alignment with Northeast Asian Studies College, School of Philosophy and Sociology, School of Economics and College of Plant Science; and working consultations with the office of Global Engagement and International Chinese Education Northeastern Base. The both parties agreed to carry out mutual visits of teachers in relevant disciplines, hold academic workshops, offer short-term student and staff exchange and jointly publish research results at international academic journals.   

Established in 1821, UBA is the largest comprehensive university in Argentina and the second largest university in Latin America. UBA has cultivated 5 Nobel Prize winners. According to the statistics data of 2018 QS, UBA ranks No. 75 among the universities around the world. As to specific disciplines, UBA ranks No. 31 in art design, No. 38 in anthropology and No. 47 in Sociology.  

The Confucius Institute of UBA, Argentina was jointly established by UBA and JLU with the great support from Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), and was put into operation in 2009. The Confucius Institute of UBA won the honor of “Global Excellent Confucius Institute” in 2009 and 2011. Through the efforts made by JLU and UBA, the two parties open “China Lecture Hall” and “Argentina Lecture Hall” periodically on the campus of the other. In October 2011, the 1st “Argentina Lecture Hall” was held in JLU. Li Yuanyuan, president of JLU,Roben Alu, president of UBA at that time and the ambassador of Argentina to China attended the opening ceremony. In November 2017, a delegation led by Yang Zhenbin, the party committee secretary of JLU visited UBA and signed the Academic Cooperation Framework Agreement between JLU and UBA with Alberto Edgardo Barbieri, the president of UBA. 

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