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Party Committee Secretary Yang Zhenbin Met with JLU’s Outstanding Alumnus Doctor Quan Ronghao and His Entourage

14, May, 2018 72

On the afternoon of May 9, Yang Zhenbin, Party Committee Secretary and director of the Alumni Association met with Quan Ronghao, the outstanding alumnus of Jilin University (JLU), board chairman of IB Group (Korea), the honorary chairman of JLU Dongrong School, and his entourage.

First, Mr. Yang expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Quan and his entourage. “The inculcation Doctor Quan Ronghao gave to the scholarship winners in 2016 Dongrong Scholarship Granting Ceremony still rings in our ears. Dongrong School and Dongrong Green Food Co., Ltd. of JLU that were established with the donations from Mr. Quan contributed a lot to the development of JLU. As a tangible monument, Dongrong Building witnesses Mr. Quan’s contributions to JLU. In addition, the always generous financial support and inculcation that Mr. Quan has offered to the students of JLU can be seen as the intangible monuments in his cooperation history with JLU. With the changes on Korean Peninsula, the cooperation between JLU and the universities in Northeast Asia and various sectors of the society will initiate a new chapter. JLU will positively support and coordinate Doctor Quan’s philanthropic actions of boosting the growth of JLU. I hope we will keep innovating in more fields to cast more cooperative brands that will benefit our students, teachers and the society, ” said Mr. Yang. 

Mr. Quan expressed his appreciation for the warm reception from Mr. Yang. “As an alumnus of JLU, I always keep it in my heart that JLU is our JLU, no matter where we are, we always care about the development of our Alma Mater. This time, in order to let them know more about the rapid development of JLU and the growth of my causes in JLU, I return to my Alma Mater together with my families and major employees of my company. With the ever deepening of the Belt and Road Initiative, enhancing of Sino-Europe communication, I hope to offer more support to JLU based not only on Korean Peninsula, but on my business resources in Europe,” said Mr. Quan.

In addition, the two parties made in depth communication about the future development of Dongrong Green Food Co., Ltd., re-election of Dongrong School board of directors, establishing innovative venture club for the students of JLU, investing to build teaching, research and environment facilities for JLU.    

During the visit from May 7 to 9 in JLU, Doctor Quan and his entourage investigated on site JLU Dongrong School and Changchun JLU Dongrong Green Food Co., Ltd. Also they held an informal discussion with the teachers and students of Spanish Department of JLU. They made a specific visit to Dongxing Village, Meihekou City to support the development of local economy in Jilin Province. The entourage includes Mrs. Quan Ronghao, Mrs. and Mr. Quan Zhemin (president of IB Group, Korea) , Mrs. and Mr. An Zhuangchun (CEO of IB Group, Korea), Mrs. and Mr. Jiang Xitian (GM of Yuanzhou Hotel, IB Group, Korea) and so on. Mr. Zhang Xiangdong (vice president of JLU), Feng Zhengyu (deputy party secretary), Liu Zhongshu (board chairman of Dongrong School and the former president of JLU), Zhang Fuliang (vice board chairman and the dean of Dongrong School, former vice president of JLU) as well as relevant person in charge from the president’s office, the Office of Global Engagement and Dongrong School participated the above-mentioned activities. 

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