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Publicity Conference for United Nations Outreach Programme on Human Resources Held Successfully at JLU

14, Sep, 2018 Office of Global Engagement 22

The Publicity Conference for United Nations Outreach Programme on Human Resources was successfully held at Jilin University on September 12. Chen Fang, deputy chief of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC, and Eva Jansen, Human Resources Officer in the Outreach Unit of the Office of Human Resources Management at the United Nations Secretariat, led a seven-member delegation of publicity for United Nations Outreach Programme on Human Resources to visit Jilin University. The delegation held the publicity conference to the teachers and students of Jilin University and other universities in Jilin Province at the auditorium of Dongrong Conference Center of the Qianwei Campus of Jilin University. Zheng Weitao, Vice President of Jilin University, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Chen Fang also addressed the audience on behalf of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The conference was hosted by Zhang Guangcui, division chief of the Office of Global Engagement of Jilin University. Responsible persons of Students' Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance and Service Center, Publicity Department of CPC Committee of JLU, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Postgraduate Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs, Finance Office, Chinese Communist Youth League Committee of JLU, as well as other functional departments also attended the conference. The publicity conference attracted the attendance of more than 500 teachers and students from Jilin University and other universities in Jilin Province.

According to the speech by Zheng Weitao, in the era with rapid development of information technology and globalization, the United Nations is playing an increasingly active and important role in peace and security. As the important organization for talent training and scientific research, university shoulders irreplaceable responsibility for the cultivation of international inter-disciplinary talents. In the process of "double top-class" construction, Jilin University will prioritize the cultivation of high-level international compound talents in the development of the university. He expected that through the publicity conference, teachers and students of the university would have a better understanding of the human resources policy of UN, undertake more missions within the limit of their abilities in the United Nations and other international organizations, better contribute their own efforts and play a positive role in building up the community of shared future for mankind.

According to Chen, China plays an important role in the United Nations, which is the most global and representative intergovernmental international organization; however, the representation of Chinese staff in the United Nations is still insufficient. In recent years, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has been focusing on strengthening cooperation with the United Nations in human resources, publicizing policies on human resource in the United Nations system, promoting job opportunities for international organizations and organizing training programs for college graduates, in order to improve the quality and ability of Chinese staff in international organizations. He encouraged young students present to actively sign up for the examinations for the UN posts an d to devote themselves to the cause of the UN.

At the Publicity Conference, staff from the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations Volunteers Programme (UNV) of the United Nations Secretariat explained in details the human resources management of the UN system, including the administrative functioning, organizational culture, salary level, welfare benefits, as well as examination and employment. They introduced the requirements of the United Nations for the basic knowledge, competence and quality of the candidates, as well as the rules of written examination and interviews. They also made communication and interaction with the present teachers and students.

Before the publicity conference, Zheng Weitao met with the visiting delegation of publicity for United Nations Outreach Programme of Human Resources. Zheng Weitao first extended a warm welcome on behalf of the university to the delegation, and then expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security for its trust and support for Jilin University all the time. He briefed the delegation about the development of the university and its "double top-class" construction. He also indicated that, as the first stop of four universities designated by the Publicity Conference this year, Jilin University values the opportunity to broaden the international horizon and provide international stage for the students ; and that Jilin University would serve as a base to cultivate high-quality talents, and recommend more outstanding students to join the United Nations and other international organizations, in order to make their voices heard for China and make full use of their expertise to contribute actively to international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights progress and realization of world peace.

Mr. Chen Fang extended his gratitude to Jilin University for its thoughtful and professional arrangement for the activities. He pointed out that Jilin University students turned out to be excellent during their internship in international organizations. He expected that through this publicity conference, more outstanding students from Jilin University and other universities would understand national supportive policies, expand employment channels, step onto the international stage as soon as possible, and contribute to maintaining world peace and promoting global development. He expressed his hope that by means of words and deeds and personal experience sharing of the member of the delegation, especially the two Chinese staff, more students of Jilin University would establish the awareness of participating in international affairs, which might promote them to participate into more interns and services of international organizations and work together with world people to jointly build the community of shared future for mankind.

It is informed that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security has held an outreach promotion conference in Beijing towards backup personnel for international civil servant in national organs, and will soon organize a publicity delegation for United Nations Outreach Programme on Human Resources to hold publicity activities in Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

In recent years, Jilin University has taken various measures to selectively train research personnel for area studies, jointly established 35 cooperative research platforms with partner universities from various countries and built up more than 10 research centers for area issue studies. The university has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents in non-common languages such as Russian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish and formed distinctive research features and faculty teams in international relations, international politics, Northeast Asian studies and public diplomacy. Through a diversified project platform, a large number of outstanding students have been selected and sponsored to participate in the Model UN Conference in USA or various regional model UN competitions with awards of group medals or individual prizes. In the meantime, when teachers and students of Jilin University from various disciplines work on global affairs as interns or regular employees in various international organizations, they greatly improved their capabilities in international dialogue and cooperation.