Int'l Research Centers

+ JLU-University of Georgia,US: Joint Research Center for System Biology
+ JLU-Chiba University, Japan: Sino-Japanese Joint Group of Mycology
+ JLU-The University of Sydney, Australia: Respiratory Disease Research Center
+ Jilin University Research Center for Prevention and Treatment of Prostatic Diseases
+ JLU-Tomsk Polytechnic University, Russia: Sino-Russian Joint Laboratory of Clean Energy and Technology
+ JLU-The University of Nottingham, UK: Sino-British Joint Laboratory of Bionic Engineering
+ JLU-The University of Valencia, Spain: Joint Laboratory of Porous Materials and Molecular Engineering
+ JLU Sino-German Joint Paleontology and Geosciences Laboratory
+ JLU-General Motors Corporation, US: PACE Research Center
+ JLU-California State University, Northridge, US: Sino-American Comparative Management Research Center
+ JLU-Far East Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences: Sino-Russian Research Center of Regional Collaboration Studies
+ JLU- University of California, Davis, US: Sino-American Food Safety Science Research and Training Center
+ JLU Sino- Japanese Joint Research Center for Economy
+ JLU-University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign, US-Nong’ an County: International Modern Agriculture Promotion Center
+ JLU-American University, US: Sino-American Research Center for International and Public Affairs
+ JLU- Rutgers University, US: Center for Chinese Studies
+ Rutgers University, US-JLU: Center for American Studies
+ JLU-Macquarie University, Australia: Sino-Australian Research Center
+ JLU-Simon Fraser University, Canada: Joint Laboratory for Biological Archeology
+ International Joint Laboratory of Nano-Micro Architecture Chemistry
+ JLU-Georgia Institute of Technology, US: Institute of Joint Theoretical Science
+ OIE Asia-Pacific Region Collaboration Center for Food-borne Parasitic Diseases
+ JLU-Kentucky Institute
+ JLU-Sungkyunkwan University, ROK: Sino-Korean Research Center for International and Public Affairs
+ China-Israel Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Jilin University
+ Hana Financial Research Center
+ International Joint Center of Epigenetic Medicine and Animal Model of Human Diseases
+ Sino-South Korea Remote Network Integrated Management of Diabetes
+ World War II—War and Postwar International Peace Research Center