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School of Law 


Legal education at Jilin University began in 1948 and has experienced a rapid development since the implementation of the reform and opening up policy. In 1988, following approval from the Ministry of Education, the Law Department of Jilin University was formally transformed into the School of Law. After more than sixty years of development, the School of Law at Jilin University now firmly stands as one of the most prestigious law schools in China, serving as one of the most important hubs for the cultivation of lawyers, scholars, judges and talents working in the legal field.


Majors and Specializations

First-Level discipline: jurisprudence

Second-Level disciplines: legal theory, legal history, constitutional law and administration law, criminal law, procedural law, civil and commercial law, economic law, environmental and resource protection law, international law, military law.



(1) Equipment and Facilities

(2) Research Hubs

(3) Research Projects and Lead Researchers


Our School holds a substantial and constantly developing collection of legal education materials. At the moment, our law library has more than 40,000 Chinese law books, 9,000 English law books, 7,000 Japanese law books, 8,000 journal issues, and more than 7,000 dissertations. The School also offers a comfortable, spacious environment with the latest facilities and technology for learning and research, including a recently –equipped multi-media classroom and a moot court. The Legal Theory Research Centre has also established the one and only legal theory website in China – The China Legal Theory Research Information Website.


The School of Law of Jilin University is also committed to the publication of high-quality legal journals. At the current stage, the Contemporary Law Review published by our law school and Law and Society Development published by the Legal Theory Research Centre are both listed as CSSCI journals. Apart from these two, a list of publications, including The Jurisprudence Forum, Jurisprudence in Life, The Impulse of Legal Thoughts, are also published by the Legal Theory Research Centre on a regular basis.


Since 1980, our law school faculty members have published more than 400 monographs and textbooks, more than 4,000 journal articles. Of these, more than 70 monographs and around 300 articles have gained academic awards at national and ministerial levels. Since 1985, our faculty members have undertaken more than 400 national, ministerial and provincial academic projects. These high-quality research projects have had a widespread impact across the country.


In the past five years, our School has undertaken 120 national, ministerial and provincial academic projects, including dozens of National Social Science Funding Projects, more than 20 Social Science Funding Projects of Ministry of Education, 20 Jilin Provincial Social Science Funding Projects, and 5 Jilin Provincial Soft Science Research Plan Projects. In additional to these research achievements, we have also seen the publication of nearly 200 academic books and monographs and more than 1,000 academic articles, demonstrating our strong research strength.


International Collaboration and Exchange

School of Law of Jilin University is always committed to international and national academic exchange and cooperation. We have hosted a number of important international and national-based conferences. In recent years, we have launched the Legal Scholar Lecture series, inviting more than twenty international legal scholars to come and deliver their speeches.


Our law school has established strong academic cooperation links with various universities and academic institutions overseas, including universities in the U.S., UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, South Korea, and other places. Each year, we send out a number of faculty members to visit and study in overseas institutions, and we also invite a number of international scholars and lawyers to visit our law school, with a vision towards enhancing the internationalization strategy.


Contact Information:

Website: http://law.jlu.edu.cn/