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School of Management



School of Management was formerly the School of Management at the Jilin University of Technology. The predecessor, initially established in 1985, was one of the first six schools of management approved by China's Ministry of Education. The early history of the school dates back to 1955 when the Jilin University of Technology was established and launched its Engineering Economics Department. Management predecessors such as Yang Jianyuan, Chen Huanyou, Shen Jingming, Zhou Sanduo, Wu Hong, Chen Songnian, Zhao Enwu, Jiang Baofang, Zheng Daben, and others formerly served as teachers at our school.


The College currently offers three doctoral programs: Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, and Library Information and Archives Management. All of these three programs have postdoctoral research stations. Our Technological Economics and Management program has been selected as national key cultivation subject. Our Management Science and Engineering, Business Administration, Library Information and Archives Management programs have been designated as a Characteristic Key Subject of Jilin Province.


For master’s degree coursework, there are ten programs: Management Science and Engineering, Project Management, Logistics Management, Technological Economics and Management, Corporation Management, Accounting, International Trade, Library Science, Informatics and Archives Studies. Additionally, there are five professional master degree programs: Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Engineering (specializing in industrial engineering and project management), Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) and Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS). The bachelor's degree programs include Information Management and Information Systems, Engineering Management, Logistics Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting, and Archives Studies.


The College has a proud teaching staff rich with experience in teaching and high-level academic attainments. The structure of our school in terms of major, age, and degree is excellent. First-class experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and politicians  from both home and abroad, have been invited to give lectures at the College. Among its 136 full-time teachers, there are 50 professors (including 32 doctoral supervisors), 47 associate professors (including 2 doctoral supervisors) and 39 lecturers. One has received the National Outstanding Youth Fund, five have been supported by the Program for New Century Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, and six people enjoy special government allowances from the State Council.


Carrying on the tradition of “People as the core, reverence towards harmony, and practical innovation,” the College has carried out great achievements and become exceptional for its teaching and scientific research. It has cultivated numerous outstanding personnel who have contributed to the construction of the national economy, and many of whom have succeeded in becoming senior government officials, eminent entrepreneurs, outstanding scholars, and academic leaders.


The School consists of nine academic departments. They are the departments of Technological Economics and Management, Corporation Management, Accounting, Management Science and Engineering, International Business, Engineering Management, Information Management, and Financial Management and Logistics Management. In addition, the School is home to the Entrepreneurship Research Center, the Innovation Management Research Center, the Information Resources Research Center, the Chinese Science and Technology Policy and Management Research Center, and the JLU&CSUN Joint Center for Management Research. Beyond this, the School publishes a national core journal, Information Science.


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute at Jilin University, established relying on the College of Management, has made outstanding achievements in scientific research, international academic exchange, innovation, and socially sustainable entrepreneurship. It is recognized as one of the first batch of Jilin Outstanding New Type College Think Tanks by the Jilin Province Department of Education. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management team at the College has also been voted as the Jilin Province Official College Innovation Team. In the future, the College will strengthen domestic and foreign innovation and entrepreneurship academic exchanges, continue to build up a base for the discipline, make efforts to improve our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institution, which is leading domestically and gaining influence in the world, promote innovation and entrepreneurship education at Jilin University and the innovative and entrepreneurship activities in Jilin Province, provide intellectual support for the national economic and social development service, and fully play our part as an Outstanding College New Type Think Tank.


The School attaches great importance to academic exchange and cooperation with renowned management schools and leading companies both at home and abroad. At present, our school has established academic exchanges and cooperation with the Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Management, the Tianjin University School of Management, the Harbin Industrial University School of Management, the Dalian University of Technology School of Management, Taiwan's Central University School of Management, and has established academic exchange with the Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Center, the University of Southern California School of Management, the University of Montreal College of Management in Canada, the University of Manchester Institute of Management, Keimyung University School of Management in South Korea, Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria, and the University of Warwick in the UK. Since 2005, the College has successfully held the “Jilin University International Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship” for 5 years, inviting experts in relevant fields and renowned scholars from the United States, Canada, Japan, Israel, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom to attend the conference, greatly enhancing the international renown and level of academic exchanges at the College. Nearly 50 of our teachers have been abroad for education, cooperative research, and degrees. Every year numerous famous domestic and foreign scholars, experts, and professors give lectures to the School or engage in cooperation or research work.


Majors and Areas of Specialization

-Technological Economics and Management

-Corporation Management


-Management Science and Engineering

-International Business

-Engineering Management

-Information Management

-Financial Management

-Logistics Management



Our school has produced fruitful achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship studies. As part of the “twelfth five-year” plan we conducted 6 projects approved by the National Social Science Fund (including one key project), 26 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation (including one key project), 13 social science projects from the Ministry of Education, other 157 provincial longitudinal projects, 235 transverse projects, and receive more than 76 million RMB/CNY in scientific research project funds. The School has published more than 700 papers, over 34 monographs and teaching materials, and was granted more than 40 scientific research rewards. The School has also submitted a lot of influential study reports to the provincial party committee and provincial government. It has put forward many proposals for developing management within Jilin Province.


International Collaboration and Cooperation

“International Conference on Innovation & Entrepreneurship”


Jilin University


School of Management Jilin University

Research Centre of Innovation Management Jilin University

Entrepreneurship Research Centre Jilin University

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Jilin University

Middle and Small-Sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship Management Committee of Chinese Management Association

Supporting Institutions:

                   National Natural Science Foundation of China

                   Global Entrepreneurship Centre Thunderbird University

                   Management Association of Jilin Province

                   Journal of China Industry Economy

                   Journal of Management World


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