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School of Transportation 


Founded in May of 1992, School of Transportation is one of the oldest and best schools in highway transportation fields among others. It was home to the first automobile operation and repair major in China, which was founded in 1956. It was renamed the School of Transportation of Jilin University in June 2000. The School has five undergraduate majors: Transportation Engineering, Logistics Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Civil Engineering (road and bridge), and Automobile Service Engineering. At present, there are 109 faculty members at the School including 19 Ph.D. supervisors, and 22 full professors. 85% of the faculty members hold a Ph.D. degree or higher. As a result of decades of consistent construction, the research and education at our school have improved considerably, keeping up with the advanced technologies worldwide which are relative to Intelligent Transportation Systems, Smart Vehicles & Sustainable Development, Transportation Planning & Logistics and Road & Bridge Safety Monitoring & maintenance. The School has established cooperative relationships with over 10 foreign universities and has the ability to take on major technology programs and train high-level talents. The School plays a dominant role in fields related to traffic.


Majors and Areas of Specialization

Postdoctoral Programs

-Transportation Engineering


Doctorate Degree Programs:

-Vehicle Operation Engineering

-Transportation Planning and Management Engineering

-Traffic Information Engineering and Control

-Road and Railway Engineering

Master’s Degree Programs:

-Vehicle Operation Engineering

-Transportation Planning and Management Engineering

-Traffic Information Engineering and Control

-Road and Railway Engineering

-Logistics Engineering

Professional Degree Programs

-Transportation Engineering

-Logistics Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

-Transportation Engineering (Vehicle Operation Engineering)

-Transportation Engineering (Transportation Planning and Management)

-Traffic Engineering

-Road, Bridge and River Crossing Engineering

-Logistics Engineering

-Automobile Service Engineering


Academic Research

The School of Transportation has produced high-level research in areas such Transportation, Vehicle Operation, and Road and Railway studies. It has undertaken several major research projects sponsored by the National Research Program, the nationally-funded 863 Program, and other programs. The School has strong research capabilities with nearly 30 million CNY worth of assets in equipment and having been a forerunner in developing a GPS satellite navigation experimental system, traffic monitoring systems, smart vehicles, intelligent diagnostic systems, and traffic environment monitoring systems.


Research Hubs

-The Jilin Province Vehicle Integrated Performance Test Center Station (Vehicle Test Technological Research and Development Center at Jilin University)

-The Jilin University Automobile Transportation Engineering Research Institute

(Changchun Automobile Transportation Engineering Research Institute of the Transportation Science Academy under the Ministry of Transportation)


Major Research Projects and Leading Researchers

Research on urban traffic planning and construction information support systems (National Research Program)


Leading Researcher:    Li Shiwu

-Integrated technologies and devices for truck safety detection and warning (National 863 Program)


Leading Researcher: Yang Qingfang

-Research into controller technology for seasonal frozen subgrade freezing-thawing resistance stability (863 Program)


Leading Researcher: Liu Hanbing

-Research into considerations of effects of temperature on bridge structure using modal parameter identification and damage identification methods, (National Natural Science Fund).


International Collaboration

I. International Conferences

-2011 International Conference on Transportation and Mechanical & Electrical Engineering (TMEE2011) (U.S.A.)

II. International Partners

University of Texas at Austin, University of Minnesota, University of Texas, Michigan Technological University, University of Washington, and other institutions.