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College of Geo-Exploration Science and Technology 


College of Geo-Exploration Science and Technology (GEST) at Jilin University was established in 1997, but the Department of Geophysics affiliated to it has over 63 years of history. Currently, the College consists of the Department of Geophysics, the Department of Geochemistry, the Department of Survey Engineering, and the Department of Geographic Information Systems.


Supported by accreditation as a first rank key discipline in geological resource studies and geological engineering and host to five provincial and ministerial key laboratories, GEST concentrates on producing high-quality graduates with an international vision and constructing national level programs with our national level faculty, courses, laboratories and teaching centers. There are now four undergraduate programs,two undergraduate plus master’s consecutive programs, seven master’s programs, and three Ph.D. programs. Currently, GEST has 90 teaching and research members, of which there are 29 full professors, one  adjunct lecturer, and one  Cheung Kong  Scholar. The GEST annually admits 260 undergraduate students,85master’s degree students, and 33 Ph.D. students.


GEST attaches great importance to international academic communication and cooperation. The College has established collaborative relationships with universities and scientific research institutes in the U.S., Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and elsewhere. Our outstanding professors are invited to give lectures and talks in countries around the world. Young scholars are selected to visit and study in famous universities abroad and outstanding doctoral students are selected to attend international academic conferences, study, or receive joint training overseas. The College also receives overseas students and visiting scholars from various countries and regions to study and work.


Undergraduate Programs

-Exploration Technology and Engineering


-Survey Engineering

-Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Diploma Programs

-The Excellent Engineers in Exploration Technology and Engineering Experimental Program

-Li Siguang Geophysics Experimental Program


Master’s Programs

-Solid Geophysics

-Space Physics

-Cartography and Geographic Information Systems

-Cartography and Geographic Information Engineering

-Geodesy and Survey Engineering

-Geo-Exploration and Information Technology

-Nuclear Technology and Applications


Ph.D. Programs

-Geo-Exploration and Information Technology

-Solid Geophysics

-Geological Information Engineering



GEST has formed distinct characteristics and rich experiences in research areas such as the theories of geoexploration and its information, geophysical exploration techniques in ocean oil and gas, energy resources and mineral deposits in deep earth on the land, near-surface geophysics, and remote sensing and its application to geology. The College has been honored with 21 scientific research awards from the state and various ministries. At present, the College is undertaking various research programs funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and other National Key Research Programs. In the past five years, the research fund for our school has reached about 40 million CNY annually, and our number of annual academic publications is about 350.


Major Research Projects

1. Structure and geophysical fields of the basin group to the west of the Daxing’anling Mountains, a key project of the NSFC.

Lead Researcher: Liu Cai

2. Instrumentation development and field experimentation, a project of the Ministry of Land and Resources.

3. Marine EM System DesignData Processing and Inversion, a Key Project of the National863 Program.

4. Target Imaging Enhancement Oriented Theory and Techniques in deep sea seismics, a Key Project of the National Science & Technology.

Lead Researcher:  Sun Jianguo

5. New Techniques and software systems for Seismic Data processing and in Mineral exploration,a Key Project of the National863 Program.

Lead Researcher: Han Liguo

6. Comprehensive Application Demo of Satellite Techniques to Exploration, Development, and Production of Oil-field, Special Project of Satellite and its Application, the National Development and Reform Commission of China.

Lead Researcher: Chen Shengbo


Contact Information:

Website: http://gest.jlu.edu.cn/

Tel: +86-431-88502362

Fax: +86-431-88524544