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Li Zhongjun

Vice Chairman of University Council

Prof. Li Zhongjun, Ph.D. in Law, Full Professor & Ph.D. Supervisor, is now serving as Vice Chairman of Jilin University Council and Chairman of Discipline Inspection Commission of Jilin University


Prof. Li received his Bachelor degree in Moral Education from Northeast Normal University in July 1995, his Master degree in Theory of Political Science from Northeast Normal University in July 2004, and his Ph.D. degree in Marxist Theory and Moral Education also from Northeast Normal University in July 2008. He did his postdoctoral research at the Postdoctoral Research Center of Marxist Theory, Tsinghua University from November 2010-November 2012. He earned his title of full professor in December, 2009, and became a Ph.D. Supervisor in November, 2010.


From  September of 1995 to September 2000, he worked as a staff at Student Affairs Office and Office of Graduates Job Assignment of Northeast Normal University. From September 2000 to February 2007, he served as Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office, then Executive Deputy Director and Director of Job Guidance Service Center of Northeast Normal University. Since February 2007, he worked as Director of Student Affairs Office of Northeast Normal University until February 2013. In the meanwhile, he was also Deputy Director of Moral Education Research Center of Northeast Normal University and Deputy Director (also Office Affairs Director) of Counselor Training and Study Base of Ministry of Education. He served as Director of Marxist Department (also Dean of Marxist School) of Northeast Normal University in February 2013 and served until January of 2016 when he became Vice Chairman of the University Council of Northeast Normal University in June 2013 until May 2014. He moved to Jilin University in January 2016 and served as Vice Chairman of the University Council, and also Chairman of Discipline Inspection Commission of Jilin University up to day.


His academic interests are in moral education. He is the author of 38 theses on such nationally renowned publications as Xinhua Digest, People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, Theoretical Front In Higher Education, Journal of Ideological Theoretical Education, etc. He is also the author of 4 monographs and the chief editor of 4 textbooks.


Prof. Li is also Deputy President of National Education Ethics Society, Vice President of National Society on Higher Education Counselor Affairs, Vice President (also Secretary-General) of Northeast China Marxist Theory Society in Higher Education, Vice President of Jilin Ethics Society, and Vice President of Jilin Sociological Society.