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JLU Representatives Attend the 3rd China-Russia Transport University Presidents’ Forum

Dec 7, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

Sun Youhong, Vice President of Jilin University, commissioned by President Li Yuanyuan, attended the 3rd China-Russia Transport University Presidents’ Forum held at Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT) and delivered a speech. He has pointed out in his speech that cooperation in science and technology between Russia and China enjoys a long history and a sound foundation. The complementarities of the two countries in this regard boast great potential and have produced fruitful results. The two countries have made joint efforts to promote the integration between the “Belt and Road” Initiative and Eurasia Economic Union, which has created new opportunities for cooperation in science and innovation. In the context of global technological and industrial transformation, collaborative innovation and open cooperation enhanced between the two sides not only meet the demands posed by technological development but also conform to the trend of the times, which is the optimal choice in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples. In the process of integrating the “Belt and Road” Initiative and Eurasia Economic Union, cooperation in transport area is one of the highlight in the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. Association of Presidents of Universities of Transport Universities in Russia and China, as an important platform for cooperation and exchanges in transport in the higher education of both countries, will definitely play an essential role. The opening ceremony of the forum was moderated by Rector Boris A. Levin from MIIT. About a hundred representatives from 34 universities of both countries and from relevant corporations and organizations attended the forum.


Vice President Sun Youhong and other JLU representatives had talks with representatives from MIIT and St. Petersburg State Transport University.


After the forum, JLU representatives headed by Sun Youhong visited Russian State Geological Prospecting University (MGRI-RSGPU) and AkvatikDrill Pipe Company. They held talks with Vice Rector for innovation and international cooperation Vadim Кosianov, Rector Assistant Vladimir SHENDEROV, Director of Department of International Cooperation Vladimir Stepanovich Starikov reached consensus on practical cooperation in the areas of joint research, faculty exchanges and joint student cultivation. They also conducted in-depth discussions with general manager of AkvatikDrill Pipe Company Vladimir Basovich and Professor Mikhail Gelfgat from Russian State University of Oil and Gas on the progress of joint research and cooperation projects in areas like ultra-deep drilling techniques and equipment and next cooperation plan.


Relevant faculty members and officers from School of Transportation and Office of Global Engagement also attended the above activities.  

Association of Presidents of Universities of Transport Universities in Russia and China commits itself to implementing major national strategies like the “Belt and Road” and Go Global of high-speed rail, facilitating exchanges and cooperation of higher education institutions in both countries in the field of transportation and elevating international influence and international level of higher education in China. The chair of its Chinese side is Beijing Jiaotong University and the chair of its Russian side is St. Petersburg State Transport University. Jilin University has joined the Association since 2015.