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The 4th “Public Diplomacy Forum of the Three Northeastern Provinces of China and Republic of Korea” Held in Jilin University

Nov 26, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On November 21st, the 4th “Public Diplomacy Forum of the Three Northeastern Provinces of China and Republic of Korea” was held in Jilin University. Chen Gang, Executive Vice President of JLU, and Shin Bongsup, Consul-General of the Republic of Korea in Shenyang, attended the opening ceremony. More than 30 experts and scholars from renowned universities and think tanks in China and South Korea, such as Seoul National University, Hanyang University of Korea, East Asia Institute of Korea, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of Ministry of Commerce, Peking University and Jilin University, attended the forum and exchanged ideas on topics including development of think tanks, cultural exchanges, and higher education exchanges. Liu Debin, Associate Vice President and Dean of School of International and Public Affairs, and Shin Jung-seung, former ROK's ambassador to China, delivered keynote speeches on the forum upon invitations.


Chen Gang, Executive Vice President of Jilin University, pointed out in the opening ceremony that this forum was one of the important projects to implement the “China-Korea People-to-People Exchange” campaign jointly initiated by the heads of state of two countries, and was a crucial measure to enhance the mutual understanding between the three northeastern provinces in China and ROK. China and ROK are experiencing a unique period of time in which public diplomacy is playing an increasingly important role in the bilateral relationship. JLU is willing to provide adequate support for the expansion and deepening of public diplomacy of the two countries.


Shin Bongsup expressed gratitude in her speech for JLU’s full support of the forum, and also expressed hope that this forum could serve as an effective platform for the two countries to “seek common ground while resolving differences” and expand such common ground. In the keynote speech, Liu Debin pointed out that the world order was undergoing historic changes as the global power was shifting towards east Asia. Therefore, both China and ROK should seize the historic opportunity and turn their relationship into the cornerstone for peace and development of the east Asian region.


Shin Jung-seung pointed out in his speech that ROK attached great important to public diplomacy. It recently passed the Public Diplomacy Act to comprehensively promote public diplomacy involving government, enterprises and civil groups, and China played an important role in Korea’s public diplomacy. Shin Jung-seung also stated his opinions on some hot-spot issues regarding China-Korea relationship.

This forum has three topics for discussion including “Construction of think tanks and Development of public diplomacy”, “cultural exchanges—the impact of Confucian culture on China-Korea public diplomacy” and “the roles of higher education exchanges in China-Korea public diplomacy”. Attendees contributed unique insights from different perspectives.

In the end, Liu Debin summarized the 4th “Public Diplomacy Forum of the Three Northeastern Provinces in China and Republic of Korea”. He believed that this forum achieved larger scale, higher professional level and deeper discussion, and it also enabled Chinese and Korean scholars to acquire better understanding of the situation of Northeast Asia. He expressed the opinion that the root cause of Northeast Asia security dilemma lay in the contradictions and conflicts in the security structure, and that scholars from both countries should conduct more exchanges and contribute their wisdom to solve such structural problem.


More than 100 faculty members and students from School of International and Public Affairs, College of International Education, College of Public Administration and College of Northeast Asian Studies of JLU also attended the forum.