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The 7th JLU-PKU Northeast Asia Forum (2016) Grandly Opens in JLU

Nov 16, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On Nov 12th, the 7th JLU-PKU Northeast Asia Forum (2016), co-organized by College of Northeast Asian Studies and Center for Northeast Asian Studies of JLU, Asia Pacific Research Institute of Peking University and the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (KFAS), was grandly held in JLU, with the overarching theme of “New Round of Revitalization of the Northeast and Regional Development of Northeast Asia”. Prof. Wu Zhipan, Executive Vice President of Peking University, KFAS President Park In-kook, and more than 40 experts and scholars from Peking University, People’s Daily, KFAS, Ewha Womans University, Inha University and Jilin University attended the Forum.

Wu Zhipan and Park In-kook were received by Yang Zhenbin, Chairman of Jilin University Council of Jilin University. At the meeting with Wu Zhipan, on behalf of JLU, Chairman Yang Zhenbin expressed his appreciation for the support from Peking University, and his willingness to further cooperate with Peking University on Northeast Asian studies and Asia Pacific studies. Wu Zhipan spoke highly of the achievements made by JLU on Northeast Asian studies, and would actively promote cooperation between two universities in various areas. At the meeting with President Park In-kook, Chairman Yang Zhenbin extended his warm welcome to President Park to visit JLU again, and his gratitude to KFAS for the support these years. President Park In-kook mentioned that he was looking forward to strengthening cooperation with JLU, and enlarging the sponsorship for JLU to support high-level forum, international academic exchanges among teachers and students’ overseas studies.

Bing Zheng, Executive Vice President of JLU met with Wu Zhipan and some other representatives during the Forum, and exchanged ideas on some academic issues. Wu Zhenwu, Vice President of JLU, Wu Zhipan, Executive Vice President of PKU and Park In-kook, KFAS President, addressed the opening ceremony.



At the Forum, experts and scholars had in-depth discussions on four topics, i.e., the assessment and prediction of the effectiveness of Northeast revitalization strategy, opportunities and challenges of regional cooperation of Northeast Asia, relations and interactions between Korean Peninsula and major countries in Northeast Asia, and the construction of a peaceful cooperation mechanism in Northeast Asia.

JLU-PKU Northeast Asia Forum, proposed by academician Zhou Qifeng, former President of JLU and PKU, is held regularly every year since 2009. The two universities have signed Agreement on Strengthening Exchanges and Cooperation on International Affairs, jointly established an academic platform for Northeast Asian studies and Asia Pacific studies, and created a systematic mechanism for cooperation. College of Northeast Asian Studies of JLU and Asia Pacific Research Institute of Peking University take turns to hold the Northeast Asia Forum, which has aroused broad attention and gained widespread reputation around the world. The Forum has been successfully held seven times till this year. KFAS expressed its willingness to participate in and sponsor the Forum, which is unanimously welcomed by both universities. In the future, the Forum will be jointly held by three parties.