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JLU-Taiwan “Feeling the North” Students Winter Camp on the List of the Cross-Strait Exchange Programs Released at the Forum on Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations

Nov 4, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On Nov 3rd, the closing ceremony of the Forum on Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations was held in Beijing, during which, the list of Cross-Strait Exchange Programs for 2017 were released. The 16th “Feeling the North” Winter Camp organized by JLU for Taiwan Students was successfully on the list, which was introduced to the public by Ms. Li Hong, alumna of JLU and Anchor of Across the Strait. 22 cross-strait exchange programs were announced at the Forum, and concurrently released by Taiwan Daily, official blog account of Taiwan.cn.

With the robust support from universities in Taiwan, such as Feng Chia University, “Feeling the North” winter camp organized by JLU has been held successfully 14 times since 2002. 2,525 teachers and students from 38 universities in Taiwan have participated in the activity, and it has gained widespread social popularity. Since 2015, based on the Winter Camp, “Feeling the North” Summer Research and Study Camp for Taiwan students was launched. “Feeling the North” Programs are further enhanced attributed to the creation of multiple pragmatic platforms for exchanges, such as the Northeast China Social Research Camp, Cross-Strait Youth Innovation Camp, Medical Volunteers Camp and Academic Exchange Camp, etc.

From Dec 19th to 26th, 2016, the 15th Session of “Feeling the North” Winter Camp for Taiwan students will be held as scheduled. A number of activities commemorating the 15thAnniversary of the Winter Camp are under preparation. A thematic website for “Feeling the North” programs will be set up, and an association for campers will be established, which necessitate the active participation by campers of all previous sessions in Taiwan and volunteers from JLU.