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University of Bristol Day at Jilin University Successfully Held

Nov 4, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On October the 27th, the delegation of 10 led by Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor of University of Bristol visited and held “University of Bristol Day at JLU”with Jilin University. Li Yuanyuan, President of Jilin University, attended the opening ceremony and signed “Jilin University-University of Bristol Letter of Intent” with Hugh Brady on behalf of two universities. The ceremony was chaired by Chen Gang, Executive Vice President of Jilin University. Li Fan, Chancellor of Bethune Medical Sciences Center (Vice President Level), Han Xiping, the Executive Deputy Dean of Graduate School,and senior offices and faculty members from Office of Undergraduate Education, Office of Global Engagement, School of Foreign Language Education, School of International and Public Affairs, College of Physics, College of Chemistry, School of Public Health, State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry also attended the ceremony.


In his speech, Li Yuanuan extended a warm welcome to the delegation and gave a brief introduction on the status quo, competitive disciplines and internationalization progress of Jilin University. He pointed out that Jilin University and University of Bristol had huge room for cooperation and complementary advantages. He believed that two universities could engage in high-level and diverse pragmatic cooperation and serve the students and related disciplinary construction via setting up joint courses, jointly applying for research projects and establishing joint institutions to achieve the common development of both universities and also make contributions to the civilization of mankind.

Brady appreciated the hospitality of Li Yuanyuan and staff from Jilin University, pointing out that it was an honor to host the University of Bristol Day at Jilin University. He said that Jilin University was the first Chinese university he paid a visit to since he was appointed the Vice-Chancellor and during the trip, he was impressed by the operational capability of education, horizon and vision of internationalization of Jilin University. His university, just like Jilin University, though not geographically favorable, still boasted some common competitive disciplines in science, engineering, geography, social sciences and humanities and medical studies, so he believed that both sides were able to carry out in-depth cooperation in more fields extensively.


During the day, representatives at the Faculty of Science, the School of Chemistry, Doctoral College, Graduate School of Humanities, Graduate School of EducationGraduate School of Heath and the Center of Health and Social Health of University of Bristol engaged in professional exchanges with senior executives, faculty members and students from School of Foreign Language Education, School of Public Health, College of Chemistry, State Key Laboratory of Inorganic Synthesis and Preparative Chemistry,  Key Laboratory of Supermolecular Structure and Materials, State Key Laboratory of Superhard Materials of Jilin University.


At the presentation of University of Bristol, professors gave a detailed introduction as to the educational concepts, curriculum system and learning resources of University of Bristol. The atmosphere was the lively and harmonious. The delegation held a seminar with students from Tang Aoqing Honors Program in Science and students from College of Electronic Science and Engineering, College of Plant Science, College of Clinical Medicine, College of Earth Science, College of Geo-Exploration Science and Technology and School of Life Sciences. The delegation remarked highly on the horizons of thinking, language capability and research ability of the students of Jilin University and believed they were ready to be world-class students.

Members of the delegation of University of Bristol included, Hugh Brady, President, Tim Gallagher, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Nick Norman, Head of the School of Chemistry, Terence McMaster, Director of the Bristol Doctoral College, Guoxing Yu, Reader in Language Education and Assessment, Graduate School of Education, Patricia Lucas, Reader of Child Health, School for Policy Studies, Xiaochun Zhang, Lecturer in Translation Studies of Faculty of Arts, Kate Venables, International Recruitment Officer of International Office, Shi Yi, Director of China Office and Rita, Senior Representative of China Office.

“University of Bristol Day at JLU” is one of a series of events during the 70th Anniversary Celebrations of Jilin University. Both sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in talent cultivation, cooperation in scientific research and disciplinary construction. Jilin University is working towards “developing world-class disciplines” and “becoming a world-class university” with brand-new attitude and more open vision.

University of Bristol is a world-class university at Bristol, the largest city in southwest England. It is one of “RUSSEL GROUP” universities in UK, equivalent of ivy league in the US and one of six well-known Red Brick Universities, one of founding members of Coimbra Group, member of the World University League and member of European University Association. It has cultivated 12 Nobel Prize winners since its founding. University of Bristol, known as the “Kingdom of Engineering” has always been one of top universities in Briton’s mind. UK’s former Prime Minister, Churchill, has been its Chancellor for 36 years. According to QS2015/2016 World University ranking, University of Bristol has ranked 37 in the world, 4th in UK in terms of research strength.