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President Li Yuanyuan Attends the Forum on Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations

Nov 3, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

From Nov 1st to 3rd, the Forum on Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations was held in Beijing. JLU President Li Yuanyuan was invited to attend the Forum. As the moderator of the social group at the Forum, he had an in-depth discussion with representatives from all social sectors across the Strait on cross-Strait people-to-people exchanges.

On the morning of Nov 2nd, before the opening ceremony, Yu Zhengsheng, member of the Politburo Standing Committee and Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, met with representatives present at the Forum and some organizers. President Li Yuanyuan attended the meeting. At the beginning, Mr. Yu Zhengsheng extended his warm welcome to attendees from all walks of life, and appreciation for their long-term efforts to further cross-Strait cooperation and exchanges and push forward the development of cross-Strait relations. He pointed out that currently, the “1992 Consensus” was rejected by the new administration of Taiwan, posing severe threats on the development of cross-Strait relations. The Forum on Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations launched by social groups across the Strait, where representatives from both Taiwan and mainland get together to discuss major issues emerging in the course of development of cross-Strait relations, makes a contribution to assembling wisdom and strength of all sectors across the Strait, and better protecting peaceful development of cross-Strait relations. 14781385559603.jpg

The opening ceremony of the Forum was presided over by Yu Tzu-Hsiang, Director of College of Journalism and Communication of Shih Hsin University. Xu Jialu, President of China Academy of Culture Limited, Chan Chi-hsien, Adviser to the President of National Policy Foundation (Vice Chairman of the Kuomintang), and Zhang Zhijun, Minister of The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council addressed the opening ceremony.The participants were divided into five groups, discussing issues concerning politics, economics, culture, society and young people. At the meeting of the social group, representatives from all social sectors across the Strait discussed on work and exchanges at various levels, including labour union, agricultural associations, grass-root organizations, tertiary education, and communications among youth embroidered on deepening cross-Strait people-to-people exchanges. The attendees shared ideas, put forward suggestions and expressed their wishes and expectations on the peaceful and stable development of cross-Strait relations in the future. As the moderator of the meeting, Li Yuanyuan concluded the discussion and briefly introduced the status quo of JLU and the overall situation of JLU’s cooperation and exchanges with Taiwan. He mentioned that, baby bust and aging population in Taiwan made a number of universities in Taiwan under tremendous pressure of enrolling students and teachers’ employment. As General-Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that, education in mainland and in Taiwan has its own features. It is imperative to strengthen exchanges and cooperation across the Strait. JLU has always attached great importance on exchanges with its counterparts in Taiwan and actively encouraged young students to participate in cross-Strait cooperation and exchanges. Under the new circumstances across the Strait, JLU is willing to make concerted efforts with its partners in Taiwan to create an enabling environment for student exchanges. Young students in Taiwan are welcome to study or visit mainland by joining short or long-term exchange programs. Elites from universities in Taiwan are also invited to JLU as short-term visiting scholars or work in JLU. Persist in opening up, JLU is marching toward its goal of becoming a world top university and building world top disciplines, continuously enhancing its education quality and improving global influences. 14781385702868.jpg 14781386222534.jpg


The Forum on Peaceful Development of Cross-Strait Relations is co-organized by 20 civil society groups across the Strait, with more than 200 attendees from all walks of life, and another 200 reporters across the Strait and overseas applied to interview.