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Columbia University Week at Jilin University (Archaeology) Successfully Closed

Nov 1, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

The 10-day Columbia University Week at Jilin University (Archaeology) came to conclusion on 23rd October in the 1st Conference Room of Dongyong Building. Prof. CHEN Gang, Executive Vice President of Jilin University attended the closing ceremony and delivered his speech. Dr. ZHANG Guangcui, Director of Office of Global Engagement, hosted the ceremony. Senior officers and representatives of faculties and students from Office of Global Engagement, College of Humanities, Research Centre for Chinese Frontier Archaeology and School of Foreign Language Education all attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Prof. CHEN Gang said the10-day Columbia University Week at Jilin University (Archaeology) witnessed the most comprehensive and in-depth exchanges between the two universities. Professors from both sides communicated comprehensively on related discipline development, which deepened their mutual understanding and reached agreement and achieved the expectations from the event. He believed that the week provided opportunities for profound communication for both sides on relevant disciplines and laid a solid foundation for substantial cooperation in the future. Professors from Columbia University impressed the faculties and students from Jilin University with their rigorous academic attitude, erudition and their open minds. On the basis of the collaboration in archaeology, it is expected that the two universities will expand their collaboration in broader areas and boost shared development and progress through exchange programs and research cooperation.

Prof. Terence N. D’Altroy, Director of Department of Anthropology and the Founding Director of the Center for Archaeology, expressed his gratitude to Research Centre for Chinese Frontier Archaeology of Jilin University for their efforts and assistance provided by during their visit to China and Jilin University,  to President LI Yuanyuan for his support in their visit and all the efforts made by relevant offices and departments of Jilin University for the Columbia University Week at Jilin University (Archaeology). All these offered great possibilities for future cooperation between the two sides. This visit changed their understandings of the Neolithic Age and early civilization of mankind.

The advanced laboratories and complete teaching facilities of archaeology impressed them deeply. They were also touched by students’ academic curiosity and enthusiasm and hoped that students from Columbia University may have the chance to study and experience life in Jilin University. The professors spoke highly of the vision, communication ability and research capacity of faculties and students in Jilin University.

Prof. ZHU Hong, Director of Research Centre for Chinese Frontier Archaeology, shared in his speech about years of exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in archaeology, briefly concluded the progress made in the Columbia University week at Jilin University (Archaeology) and expressed the expectations on maintaining a long-term and close connections between Jilin University and Columbia University in archaeology for common development. Prof. DUAN Tianjing, Deputy Director of Department of Archaeology and Professor of Research Centre for Chinese Frontier Archaeology, who did his post-doctoral research in Columbia University, firstly expressed gratitude for the high-level academic lectures delivered by Columbia University professors and he believed that Columbia University week at Jilin University (Archaeology) was of historical significance for archaeology in China. He hoped that the week would be taken as an opportunity to build higher-level academic platforms for more faculties and students and create more chances for extensive exchanges and cooperation.

Columbia University Week at Jilin University (Archaeology) is one of a series of events of the 70th Anniversary Celebrations of Jilin University. 7 professors of Columbia University delivered 11 brilliant academic reports for faculties and students of Jilin University and shared latest and cutting-edge research findings of their fields of study. All the academic reports delivered in JLU by the delegation is for the first time in China.  

The delegation of Columbia University had work meetings with senior officers from 12 colleges and schools of Jilin University, including School of Philosophy and Sociology, College of Humanities, College of Foreign Languages,College of Arts, College of Physical Education, School of Economics, School of Law, College of Public Administration, School of Business, College of Northeast Asian Studies, School of Foreign Language Education and School of International and Public Affairs, achieving collaborations intentions in many fields. Jilin University Alumni, who studied and worked in  Columbia University also had in-depth communications with the delegates from Columbia University and built up stable channel of scholar’s communications. Professors from Columbia University introduced the education philosophy, curriculum system and learning resources for hundreds of faculties and students of Jilin University. The delegation visited and researched the archaeology base in China.

Columbia University Week at Jilin University (Archaeology) is a new beginning for higher-level and further cooperation between the two universities. Jilin University is developing pragmatic cooperation with more world-class universities with an open attitude and marching toward the goal of becoming a world-class university.

Video Link of Columbia University Week at Jilin University (Archaeology) : http://v.qq.com/x/page/y0340ymo2ff.html.