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Working Panel from Ministry of Education Assess the Undergraduate Education of Jilin University

Oct 25, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

From October 17th to 20th, the working panel from the Ministry of Education paid a four-day evaluation visit to Jilin University entrusted by Higher Education Evaluation Center of Ministry of Education, evaluating the undergraduate education of Jilin University. On the afternoon of the 20th, the panel led by Wang Cheng, President of Lanzhou University, consisted of 20 people, gave feedback on evaluation and assessment. There are over 240 people attended this event, including the twenty-people working panel, Wu Yan, Director of Higher Education Evaluation Center of the  Ministry of Education, Liu Zhentian, Director of Institutional Evaluation Department, Song Hui, Director of the Office of Higher Education in the Education Department of Jilin Province, Senior Executives of Jilin University, such as Yang Zhenbin, Chairman of the University Council, Li Yuanyuan, President, Chen Gang, Executive Vice President, Han Xiaofeng, Vice President, Zhang Xiangdong, Vice President, Du Li, Vice President for Financial Affairs, Zheng Weitao, Vice President, Wang Lifeng, Vice President and Standing Committee Member and Vice Chairman of the University Council, and Li Fan, Chancellor, Bethune Medical Sciences Center (Vice-President Level), Liu Debin, Associate Vice President, Teng Lirong, Director of Teaching Committee and senior officers from functional offices, subordinate units, organizations of the Communist Youth League, party affairs of colleges and schools, managers of different disciplines and majors and representatives of the backbone of teaching members. 3D71AA22AF01332FF3703B2E5AC_C6EE60D7_11F62.jpg



Wang Cheng hosted the feedback meeting and introduced the evaluation work on behalf of the working panel and informed all the attendees of the working panel’s feedback on undergraduate teaching of Jilin University. The feedback showcased the results of the evaluation and assessment, which was done according to “Five Dimensions”, “6+1”Program and 24 Elements in the evaluation and assessment criteria of undergraduate teaching. The working panel visited classroom and observed 62 classes, checked 1053 pieces of dissertations in 41 majors and checked 3573 pieces of examination papers from 59 people as samples. They also interviewed 27 senior executives of Jilin University, conducted 28 seminars, visited 5 training bases and employers outside university and functional departments covering all the colleges and schools, teaching related functional departments and interviewed 619 staff.

The working panel believed that all the senior executives, faculty members, staff and students of Jilin University attached great attention to the evaluation and assessment work of undergraduate teaching and showed high level of cohesion and consciousness which paved the way for the accomplishment of the assessment work. Senior executives responsible for party affairs of Jilin university not only have a clear clue of the situation of Jilin University, but also have great affection towards the university. They respect teachers, love students and spare no efforts to devote themselves into promoting the development of the university. The development of Jilin University is the pursuit of their career, leading them to create supportive conditions for the healthy and rapid development of the university. Jilin University, as a world and national renowned university, has contributed greatly to the nation’s development in the aspects like talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, cultural inheritance and innovation through 70 years of development and hard work of generations since its founding. Jilin University enjoys great academic reputation and bring great impact on social development. In the new era, Jilin University’s positioning and strategic goal coincide with the macro layout of China’s higher education development, national strategy and social expectation.

Jilin University has largely achieved its short-term development goal that Jilin University will construct and develop itself as a world-class university with Chinese characteristics both nationally and internationally, is inspiring and exhilarating and will definitely come true. The university has implemented the educational guideline and the goal of national education overarching, the goal of talent cultivation is in line with the scientific principles of talent development, university positioning, the demand and social requirements of our nation with quite comprehensive layout of disciplines and professional structure, offering talents pool for revitalizing industrial bases of northeast regions in China. Based on cultivating the talents’ virtues and talents, Jilin University positions the talents education as the unwavering central role. Recent years witnessed gradual rise in admission score, and employment rate upon graduation. Employers also spoke highly of Jilin University graduates.

Jilin University has scored high on graduate students’ further education rate and the level of innovation and entrepreneurship of university students. Especially after the merging of six universities, the university has a positive impact on disciplinary development, allowing undergraduate students to lay a solid academic foundation for their study. Meanwhile, Jilin University valued the all-round development of students, it fully integrated Bethune spirit into campus culture, inherited it and disseminated it, which has significant impact on realizing Jilin University’s goal of talent cultivation. What’s more, the working panel has regarded highly education-related fields, such as faculty construction, teaching resources utilization, education information construction, and work ethics of lab staff, quality supervision control and monitor of teaching as well as global engagement.

According to the requirements put forward by the evaluation feedback, each member of the panel gave feedback respectively in a problem-oriented way, promoting Jilin University’s further development. They fully recognized the undergraduate teaching of Jilin University, they also pointed out the inadequacy and gaps in the following relevant areas, namely, big-class teaching, high-level teachers’ instruction, total number of teachers, incentive mechanisms of teaching, teachers’ working environment and facility, principles of talent cultivation, innovation of teaching methodology and models, students’ motivation, layout of disciplines and majors, reform on the nature of undergraduate majors and undergraduate education philosophy and provided suggestions and meaningful ideas accordingly for the  purpose to promote Jilin University to be at the front line of higher education reform in China and set a good example for other universities to learn from. The panel will provide a comprehensive and systematic comment on the basis of discreet discussion and report in a formal written form to the university after the meeting.

Jilin university’s president Li Yuanyuan expressed appreciation to the working panel’s efforts to “diagnose and prescribe” the undergraduate teaching of Jilin University with their broad view, rich experience and hard work with the idea of treating Jilin University as their own. He also emphasized that Jilin University would pay close attention to the problems and advice of panelists and deal with them one by one. He said that Jilin University would take the opportunity of this assessment to treat talent cultivation as its core task, undergraduate education as the basic foundation of university development, enhance the central role of teaching, and reinforce the reform philosophy and implementation of the measures, expand the scale of the benefit scope of Tang Aoqing Honor Program and Kuang Yaming Experimental Class and successful experience according to the current situation and geographic locations to further develop international cooperation and fund raising, increase investment in undergraduate education, optimize professional structure of  undergraduate majors and transform the educational goal of the university into concrete actions of colleges and schools, faculty members. President Li Yuanyuan also said that he had gone through thick and thin with faculty members, staff and students since he came here, 5 years ago. While handling issues of the past, Jilin University also adjusts regulation and carries out reform. Now the university has stepped into the stage of deepening reform and rapid development, this assessment, therefore serves as the driving force of reform and development of the university and there is no end in the reform of undergraduate education and promoting the quality of undergraduate education. As the first comprehensive university founded by the Communist Party of China, Jilin University is bound to return the favor of the Communist Party of China, the Ministry of Education and distinguished experts with the accomplishment of education reform and development under the joint efforts of generations of JLU leaders and faculty members, staff and students, marching  towards the goal of becoming a world-class university in 2020, the first-class university in China and high-level research university globally.

Yang Zhenbin, Chairman of the University Council, appreciated the working panel and the Higher Education Evaluation Center’s assessment center of the Ministry of Education’s work in providing valuable pieces of advice on the development of Jilin University in long run and responded to some of the problems and advice from the working panel. He pointed out that the evaluation and assessment of undergraduate education is a valuable opportunity during the reform and development of Jilin University, it is also an experience of the high-level undergraduate education, propelling the level of university operation and deepening the education reform as well as improving the teaching quality, which all gives a clear direction for the future development of JLU. This will also enhance the fundamental task of talent cultivation and undergraduate education and overall education and has a significant meaning for the rapid and good development reform, construction and development. This feedback provides insight for leaders and cadres as well. Jilin University will hold meetings for all colleges and schools to learn, study discuss and implement these pieces of advice, carefully think, conclude and improve work in related fields.

Wu Yan stressed that this 20-people working panel is the largest assessment team since the assessment work of the Ministry of Education starts , which includes educational experts, professional experts and international experts. Their selfless work ethics and excellent professional standards perfectly illustrates the spirit of assessment work, namely “examine for the country and serve for the university”. They treated Jilin University as their own, raised real problems and proposed pertinent suggestions and feasible measures according to “Five Criteria”, namely, “the level of attainment of the goal of talent cultivation, the extent to which talent cultivation goal to satisfy social needs, the extent to which teachers and teaching resources serves talent cultivation, efficacy of education quality guarantee system and satisfaction of students and employers”. He said that it took tremendous efforts to manage Jilin University. He experienced the great university ethos, education philosophy and learning atmosphere of Jilin University and the sincerity and simplicity of people in Jilin University during assessment. The senior executives in Jilin University care deeply about teachers, students and Jilin University, so he sincerely hopes Jilin University can be at the front line of higher education reform and development in China.