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Vice President Han Xiaofeng Visited Kim IL-Sung University for its 70th Anniversary

Oct 12, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

From September 28th to October 2nd, Vice President of Jilin University, Professor Han Xiaofeng led a delegation of 8 people to visit DPRK and attended the 70th anniversary of Kim IL-Sung University, which included Professor Yu Xiao, Dean of the Northeast Asia Research Institute and its Deputy Dean Professor Wu Hao, and Deputy Dean Professor Zhang Huizhi, and Professor Ba Dianjun, Professor Zhang Jingquan Director of International Politics Research Institute and Professor Piao Yingai as well as relevant staffs from the Division of International Cooperation and Exchanges in Jilin University.


On the morning of September 29th, an academic forum named “Scientific progress and Social Development” was officially started. After the opening ceremony, vice president Han Xiaofeng held talks with leaders of Kim IL-Sung University, including Tae Hyeongcheol to enhance the academic exchanges for both universities. They expressed common wishes for cooperation in Northeast Asia studies. During the visit to DPRK, our delegation also visited the forum “Scientific progress and Social Development” all the way, and delivered speeches in sessions on politics and international relations as well as history. Warmly welcomed by people in Kim IL-Sung University, our delegation had the most attendees and largest number of published and highest quality theses among all the delegations.


On the afternoon of September 30th, all the visitors of the forum including the delegates of Jilin University were invited to Pyongyang April 25th cultural museum and attended a great celebration ceremony for the 70th anniversary of Kim IL-Sung University. The delegates listened to the report from President Tae Hyeongcheol and watched the theatrical performances with faculties and students. Kim Yongnam, the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK and other leaders of DPRK listened to the report and watched the performance.

The delegation also visited the University History Museum of Kim IL-Sung University, Mangyongdae, hometown of General Kim Il-sung and were invited to the homes of professors of the university.


Founded on October 1st 1946, Kim IL-Sung University was the earliest university in DPRK, and the highest higher education institution as well as to the base for cultivating the country’s leaders. It was founded under the approval of Kim IL-Sung and it is the alma mater of Kim Jong Il. Exchanges between Jilin University and universities in DPRK can be traced back to the 1980s. The 1st China-DPRK University Presidents Forum was held in 2009. In 2011, Jilin University established relations with Kim IL-Sung University for exchanges. The two universities have profound cooperation and exchanges in fields such as Northeast studies and geology. Many teachers and researchers of Jilin University paid short visits and studied for PhD degree there. Many schools in Jilin University, including Institute of Northeast Asia Studies, School of Philosophy and Sociology, College of Humanities, Economics School, School of Marxism Studies and College of Environment and Resources have held bilateral academic seminars with Kim IL-Sung University for many times.