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JLU Forum with the theme “Inheritance and Innovation, Responsibilities and Challenges: the Development of Higher Education from a Global Perspective” held in Jilin University

Sep 19, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On the 16th of September, JLU, one of a series of programs in honor of the 70th Anniversary of Jilin University was held in Dong Rung Lecture Hall. Li Yuanyuan, the President of Jilin University and 12 university presidents and scholars from 10 countries and regions gave speeches and shared their experiences and opinions on such topics as scientific and technological innovation under international competition environment, talent cultivation under globalization and universities’ social responsibilities against the theme of the forum “Inheritance and Innovation, Responsibilities and Challenges: the Development of Higher Education in a Global  Perspective”. More than 200 foreign delegates from 91 universities (research institutes) in 22 countries and regions along with approximately 200 members of faculty and students from Jilin University attended this forum, which was hosted by the Exectuve Vice President Chen Gang.

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First of all, Mr. Li Yuanyuan delivered a keynote speech entitled “Talent cultivation and scientific and technological innovation under the era of globalization and informationization”, in which he pointed out that the era of big data against the background of globalization has provided us with convenient research conditions that enable mankind to keep making ground-breaking achievements in the area of Big Science, such as space and nature exploration, but it also poses a serious challenge to our traditional model of education. In an era of big data witnessing speedy changes and such a world undergoing rapid reforms, how to put forward new educational concepts and carry out reforms on the model of higher education towards world-class universities meeting the needs of the time becomes an important issue facing higher education community in different countries. Competition lies in that of talents, science and technology. Only by means of opening up and cooperation, attracting top talents and promoting scientific and technological innovation can we bring about rapid growth of higher education institutes. In the era of globalization and informationalization, cross-border and cross-sector cooperation increasingly evolves into the main theme of our time, in other words, without cooperation, there is no way out. It is now a cooperation model acknowledged by universities, companies and all walks of life to take innovation as the driving force, be problem-oriented, promote universities, companies and all walks of life in coordinating innovation, to jointly solve global issues faced by mankind, to improve people’s life by scientific and technological progress and facilitate the development of world civilization.


JLU Forum was divided into two sessions. The first session was hosted by Prof. Steve Maharey, the President of Massey University of New Zealand,. Prof. Daniel Robert Woolf, President of Queen’s University in Canada, Prof. Vladimir Nicolaevich Vasilyev, President of Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics, Prof. Susumu Satomi, President of Tohoku University, Prof. Li Kai, a professor of Princeton University, academicians of National Academy of Engineering,  and alumnus of Jilin University, Prof. Sibrandes Poppema, President of University of Groningen of the Netherlands engaged in in-depth discussions as to topics such as talent development in universities, global education and talent flow, research and innovation as well as social responsibilities and the role of the university in the national innovation system.


The second session of Jilin University Forum was hosted by Li Tianren, the President of Chinese Culture University of Taiwan, Prof. Timothy Tracy, Dean of the University of Kentucky, US, Prof. Chris Rudd, Vice  President of Nottingham University of UK and  Acting President of the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Prof. Yeom Jae-ho, President of Korea University, Dr. Zhang Zhongming, Chairman of Board of Trustees of Feng Chia University of Taiwan, Prof. Leonid Huberskyi, President of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv engaged in robust discussions as to social responsibilities of first-class universities sino-foreign cooperative education, talent policies, international competition and globalization trend of higher education, as well as globalization strategies of higher education.


Finally, Prof. Chen Gang made a concluding remark in which he pointed out that the development of higher education was based on the cooperation among universities, society and companies and there is no development without cooperation. he said Jilin University was willing to work with its partner universities in exploring ways of reform, innovating working mechanisms, promoting practical cooperation and seeking win-win cooperation to make due contribution to the progress of human civilization.