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Jilin University-Nagoya University Academic Day On Campus

Sep 1, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On June 1, Professor Seiichi Matsuo, President of Nagoya University led a delegation of 12 members to Jilin University to attend the Academic Day of the two universities.

This activity is part of a series of events to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Jilin University. Mr. Yang Zhenbin, Chairman of Jilin University Council attended the opening ceremony of the Day and made a speech. He extended welcome to the delegation and appreciated the concept of “shifting from European and American perspective to diversified perspective” as put forth by Professor Seiichi Matsuo. He pointed out that Nagoya University and Jilin University had a long history of cooperation, which was made even closer in recent years. Both sides faced new opportunities and challenges of development. He hoped that both sides could avail the opportunity provided by the Academic Day to deepen understanding and cooperation and push ahead higher education development in China and Japan.


Professor Seiichi Matsuo appreciated the idea raised by Mr. Yang, and extended sincere gratitude to Jilin University for hosting the Academic Day. He introduced the school-running features and international strategy of Nagoya University and hoped to further enhance cooperation with universities in Asian countries, especially in China. Through this activity, he looked forward to deeper cooperation and win-win result with Jilin University.


Professor Seiichi Matsuo is a famous Japanese expert in nephrology. As the director of Japanese Society of Nephrology, he has rich clinical experience and has published about 100 academic outcomes on authoritative medical journals. In light of his outstanding academic performance and international profile, Jilin University recruits him as the honorary professor. On behalf of Jilin University, Mr. Yang awarded the letter of appoint to Professor Seiichi Matsuo, who said that it was a great honor to join JLU and that he would work hard to push forward cooperation in medical education, research and hospital management between JLU’s School of Medical Science and Nagoya University Hospital.


Associate Vice President and Dean of the School of Internaional and Public Affairs Liu Debin hosted the opening ceremony, which was attended by those involved from the General Office and Publicity Department of CPC Jilin Committee, Graduate School, Division of Teaching Affairs, School of Foreign Languages, School of Physics, School of Chemistry, School of Mechanicals Science and Engineering, School of Environment and Resources, No. 1 Hospital of Jilin University and Office of Global Engagement.

After the opening ceremony, President Seiichi Matsuo attended the “Sino-Japanese Comparative Culture Workshop” hosted by the School of Foreign Languages of JLU and the School of International Languages and Cultures of Nagoya University and made a speech. Later, he visited the Library Thread-Bound Book Bank and the Archaeology and Art Museum. On the afternoon, he visited the No. 1 Hospital and made a speech on “Retrospection on My Academic Study and Introduction of Nagoya University Hospital”.


Other members of the delegation also attended varied and productive academic activities in JLU. Director and Vice President Watanabe visited the Nonorganic Synthesis and Preparation Chemistry National Key Lab, the Supermolecular Structure and Material National Key Lab and held in-depth discussion with the professors and graduate students working in the field of biological supermolecules and chemicobiology. Three professors form the School of International Culture of Nagoya University delivered several academic reports to the students majoring in Japanese from the School of Foreign Languages. Two professors from the School of Engineer visited JLU’s School of Mechanical Science and Engineering and held talks with the leaders and faculties of the School. Together they discussed the areas open to more research cooperation. The professor from the School of Environment met the leader and faculty representatives from the JLU’s School of Environment and Resources and made an academic report on “Climate Drought in Eurasian Society and Environment: Developing various Methods for Intensive Treatment of Disasters”. Two other members from the International Education Center of Nagoya University gave a lecture on overseas study to JLU’s students and introduced the application and major selection for international students in Nagoya University.


During the one-day activity, the delegation secured productive outcome by reaching agreement with JLU on more cooperation in research cooperation, academic exchange and faculty and student mutual visits.


Established in 1871, Nagoya University is a world-renowned national university in Japan that ranks 77 globally(QS2016). It has advantages in such disciplines as medical science, environment, information, mechanical aeronautics and physics, especially science and engineering. Among the 13 Nobel Laureates in Japan, 6 come from Nagoya University. Jilin University signed university exchange agreement in 1985 with Nagoya University, which makes one of our earlier partners. During the 31 years of exchange, productive outcomes have been achieved in high-level talent training, research cooperation, academic exchange and co-host of international conferences.