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2016 Zambia Mining Workshop Held

Aug 21, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

During June 8-28, the “2016 Zambia Mining Workshop”, an educational foreign-aid training program hosted by the Ministry of Commerce was organized successfully in Jilin University. The 21 days training was participated by 20 Zambian officials working in geological mining prospecting and development in the national geological and mining authorities.


l_29175002.jpgHan Xiaofeng, Vice President of Jilin University, Li Meihua, Dean of the School of International Education, Bu Tiejun, Deputy Director of the Office of Global Engagement, Ren Yunsheng, Deputy Dean of School of Geo-science attended the opening and closing ceremonies of Workshop. This Workshop was highlighted by Jilin Department of Commerce; Dong Piyi, Deputy Director of the Division of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation was sent specially for the opening and closing ceremonies. Faculties from the School of Geo-science, School of International and Public Affairs, School of Law, School of Economics formed a panel to present rich and varied courses for the official students, among which were China’s National Reality—China Today, Mining Law Basis, China’s National Reality—Overview of China’s Financial System, China’s Public Diplomacy: Theory and Practice, Gold Mine Geology—Taking the Type and Distribution of China’s Gold Mine as Example, Situation and Policy Introduction of China’s Mines, Situation of Global Oil Shale, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Overview of Non-conventional Oil and Gas Resources. On-spot teaching activities were also held, including exploring the Jilin University Geological Museum, oil sand experiment inspection and discussion, geological features of Yitong volcanic clusters, analysis of landscape surrounding Changchun and volcano landscape and mine-forming theory study methods. During the training, the students left for China University of Mining and Industry and China University of Geology to have exchange and discussion on topics concerned and gain and overall understanding of China’s mining and geological development. They also visited the historical places of interest in Beijing and Wuhan to experience the local folk culture. l_29175013.jpg l_29175054.jpg

This Workshop traces its root to the visit by Vice President Han Xiaofeng to the Zambian Mining Industry in April 2014. He reached a cooperation agreement with Mr. Lumumba, Director-General of Mineral Resources, Zambian Mining Ministry. Later, the program was approved by the Ministry of Commerce. The successful host of this Workshop gives the students a relative comprehensive understanding on China’s mining industry, deepens friendship between China and Zambia and promotes and expands cooperation in ministerial resources between both countries.