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Yang Zhenbin Attended China-Russia Summit of University Presidents at Invitation

Aug 21, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On July 5th, Yang Zhenbin, Chairman of Jilin University Council, attended the China-Russia Summit of University Presidents held in Moscow State University (MSU), Russia, and delivered a speech at invitation. In the opening ceremony, Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of the State Council, and Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, both delivered a speech. Witnessed by Liu Yandong and Golodets, Yang Zhenbin, on behalf of Jilin University, and Sadovnichii Victor Antonovich, President of MSU, signed the Agreement on Jointly Building History Research Center between the two universities. The summit was chaired by President Sadovnichii, and attended by major leaders and representatives from more than 200 universities and colleges in the two countries.


Liu Yandong said in her speech that higher education in both China and Russia had its own features and strengths and therefore the cooperation in this regard had a solid basis and huge potential. She expressed her proposals and hopes for higher education cooperation between the two countries: universities keeping up with general trends and serving the strategic cooperation between the two countries; universities working together to promote the sharing of quality resources; universities diversifying forms of cooperation and making it sustainable and stable; universities focusing on young people and ensuring that the bilateral friendship is passed on generation after generation.


Yang Zhenbin delivered a speech themed “young talents as well as scientific and technological innovation—key factors of educational, scientific and technological cooperation between China and Russia”. He argued that mutual understanding and support was the important foundation to the all-round strategic partnership between the two countries. The key to pass on the bilateral friendship generation after generation lies in cultivating young people with global vision and international competitiveness that understand each other’s history and culture and that trust and support each other. Universities in the two countries can do a lot in many aspects, such as furthering cultural and people-to-people exchanges, advancing dialogues and cooperation between the young, and jointly cultivating professionally competent young talents who are proficient in both Chinese and Russian. China and Russia have prominent complementary advantages in education, science and technologies. Both governments highly value innovation in these areas. The Project 5-100 rolled out by the Russian government and the overall coordinated plan to build world-class universities and disciplines implemented by the Chinese government show the countries’ determination to push their education, science and technology to become global. Universities in the two countries should fully explore their cooperation potential, conduct innovative cooperation in cutting-edge scientific and technological areas that have a bearing on their country’s core competitiveness, make full use of their complementary advantages to jointly address scientific and technological  difficulties, and contribute to the development and higher international status of their countries.


On July 6th, at the invitation of Sadovnichii Victor Antonovich, President of MSU, Yang Zhenbin led  his group to visit MSU. During the meeting, Yang Zhenbin and Sadovnichii Victor Antonovich spoke highly of the productive cooperation that the two universities had in areas of history and physics and so on. They also exchanged their views on the cooperation on and the development of a history research center to be jointly built, the progress of joint scientific and technological projects in areas such as physics, as well as their cooperation intention on student exchanges and joint cultivation. Yang Zhenbin introduced the foundation for, advantages and philosophies of Jilin University to cooperate with Russia universities,  as well as its policies on bringing in high-level talents. Yang Zhenbin invited high-calibre experts from MSU to come to work in Jilin University. He also extended a formal invitation to  Sadovnichii Victor Antonovich, S. P. Karpov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and President of the Faculty of History and other MSU experts and scholars to attend the 70th anniversary of Jilin University. Sadovnichii Victor Antonovich spoke highly of the importance that Jilin University attached to the their cooperation and expected more practical cooperation. He expressed his support for MSU experts and scholars to visit and teach in Jilin University, as well as his welcome for faculties and students of Jilin University to study in and exchange with MSU.


Other personnel that attended the meeting included Xiao Ming, MSU Vice President in charge of international relations, S. P. Karpov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, President and former Dean of the Faculty of History, and honorary professor of Jilin University,  I.I.Tuchkov, Dean of the Historical Faculty, and Leonid Borodkin, Vice Dean of the Faculty of History and honorary professor of Jilin University.


During the visit, Yang Zhenbin and the group also visited the Faculty of History and the Institute of Nuclear Physics of MSU, and discussed the new cooperation project with relevant experts and scholars.