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2016 English-speaking African Countries Modern Distance Education Workshop Held

Aug 20, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

During May 9-29, the “2016 English-speaking African Countries Modern Distance Education Workshop”, an education foreign-aid training program organized by the Ministry of Commerce, was hosted successfully in Jilin University. The 21 days of training was attended by 21 officials working in modern distance education from 8 African countries and districts, namely Ghana, Uganda, Malawi, Lesotho, Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.


Attending the opening ceremony of the workshop were Geng Wei, Director of the Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation Division from the Jilin Department of Commerce, Dong Piyi, the Deputy Director from the same department, Liu Debin, Associate Vice President of Jilin University, Zhang Guangcui, Director of the Office of Global Engagement, Bu Tiejun, the Deputy Director of the same Office. Faculties from the School of Computer Science and Technology, School of Distance Education, School of International and Public Affairs, School of Foreign Language Education, Institute of Higher Education Study and the Network Center formed a panel to give to the official students rich and colorful courses, among which were the situation of China’s distance education reform and development, Internet application and digitalization of distance education, application of multi-media technology in distance education, the future development vision of China’s distance education, China’s basic reality, history and culture. During the 21 days stay, the official students left for the Online Education and Continuing Education College of Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the Online Education College of Chongqing University to discuss issues concerning distance education.






Jilin University has held the distance education workshop for English-speaking African countries for 16 years. 522 education officials from 47 countries have participated in the training. This Workshop provides an overview of the development of China’s distance education, offers reference on distance education to English-speaking African countries. By building a cooperation platform for international education exchange, it enables China and English-speaking African countries to make joint progress through mutual learning.