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JLU Representatives Attended the 120th Anniversary Celebration of Tomsk Polytechnic University at Invitation

Aug 19, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

During May 10 to 12, upon the invitation of Tomsk Polytechnic University, entrusted by Li Yuanyuan, president of JLU, Sun Youhong, vice president of JLU attended the 120th Anniversary Celebration of Tomsk Polytechnic University. Sun Youhong met with Petr S. Chubik, Rector of TPU, Yuri S. Borovikov, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Alexey N. Yakovlev, Director of Institute of High Technology Physics, and Andrey Y. Dmitriev, Director of Insititute of Natural Resources, and also communicated with Prof. Dan Shechtman of Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, who attended the celebration as well, and is the Nobel Chemistry Prize winner of 2011 and honorary professor of JLU.


Sun Youhong conveyed Li Yuanyuan’s greetings and congratulations to Chubik, reviewed the course of cooperation between JLU and TPU for so many years and achievements; Li offered advice on stronger cooperation foundation, larger scope of cooperation and deeper level of cooperation.

Chubik highly appraised the close cooperation between JLU and TPU, and indicated that he would regard cooperation with JLU as a template for other universities in China. Chubik introduced about the cubic nano satellite designed and with the main body manufactured by TPU, which had been successfully launched, and he welcomed experts and scholars at JLU to join the exploration of space together.


Later, Sun Youhong exchanged views with Borovikov on joint development of students, teacher exchange, status quo of scientific research cooperation and the problems as well as solutions. They discussed about joint establishment of a base for talent development and scientific research, achieved consensus and signed MOU.


Sun Youhong visited Institute of High Technology Physics and Institute of Natural Resources of TPU and conducted in-depth exchange with Yakovlev and Demitriev about the commercialization of research findings, cooperation between school and enterprise, development of innovative talents and summer school for both Chinese and Russian students.


Sun Youhong also visited some of JLU students learning in TPU, expressed the concerns from JLU, knew about their study and life, encouraged them to work hard and hold on, braving all the difficulties of learning abroad and expected them to return after graduation and serve the motherland.

Related personnel from International Cooperation and Exchange Office accompanied above activities.

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is the oldest technical university in Russia east of the Urals. The university was founded in 1896, the tsar Nicholas II period, ranking the second among the technical universities and the top ten among the comprehensive universities in Russia. In 1996, TPU is one of the first-batch most valuable national cultural heritages of Russia under the approval of president of Russian Federation, while only eight higher education institutes received this honor. TPU takes the lead in Russia in establishing the degree system consistent with that of Europe and America; by 1998, most disciplines can be taught in both Russian and English, and English classes have been authenticated by Ministry of Higher Education. TPU is a member of ASRTU and selected into 5-100 Plan of Russia and came top in expert evaluation, receiving the highest-level financial aid.

Cooperation between JLU and TPU traced back to 1990 and TPU is one of JLU’s closest partners in Russia. We developed joint training for students, Sino-foreign educational cooperation programs, scientific research, students and teachers exchange, established China-Russia joint laboratory of clean energy and related technology, the Russia Center in JLU and cooperated in research projects in shale gas and other fields.