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Tokyo Foundation Executive Director Sanae Oda Led a Delegation to Jilin University

Aug 18, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On April 22, 2016, Tokyo Foundation Executive Director Sanae Oda led a delegation of 3 members to visit Jilin University. Executive Vice President Chen Gang met the delegation along with the heads of the Division of Graduate Student Management, Office of Financial Affairs and Office of Glogal Engagement.

First, Chen Gang expressed warm welcome to the delegation and extended his appreciation to the Tokyo Foundation for its positive role in supporting excellent graduate students working in humanities and social sciences, promoting Sino-Japanese cultural and academic exchange and supporting youth award. He also thanked Japanese foundations for their long-term help and support to Jilin University. Sanae Oda expressed her gratitude to the warm host by Jilin University. She recalled her first visit to Jilin University in 1991 and the launch of “Ryoichi Sasakawa Excellent Youth Education Fund” in cooperation with Jilin University in 1992. Since then,  the project has funded 1,209 excellent  students from Jilin University. Sanae Oda also appreciated Jilin University for its role in “Ryoichi Sasakawa Medical Science Award” and “Ryoichi Sasakawa Cup” Japanese knowledge competition. She also congratulated Jilin University in advance for embracing its 70th Anniversary.

During her stay in Jilin University, Sanae Oda held a talk with members of the managing committee of “Ryoichi Sasakawa Excellent Youth Education Fund” on the progress made by the fund and celebration activities for the 25th Anniversary of the fund in 2017. In addition, the delegation had a workshop with the graduate students receiving the  “Ryoichi Sasakawa Excellent Youth Awards” in 2014 and 2015 and introduced a variety of follow-up fund projects by Japanese foundations for the award-receivers.