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The Student Delegation’s Debut at National Model United Nations Conference, Awarded the Honorable Mention

Aug 17, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

The annual National Model United Nations Conference (NMUNC) was capped by a closing ceremony at UN General Assembly Hall on March 31st 2016. Our student delegation made its debut at the conference, garnering an Honorable Mention Award.


This year’s New York UMUNC from March 20th to 31st attracted more than 227 delegations totaling more than 5000 college students. The conference revolved around hot topics with global concerns, including human rights, the environment,  economic and social development, anti-terrorism, anti-corruption, education, rights of women and children, transnational crime, public health, and mass-destruction weapons. Delegations simulated the UN debate and negotiation and reached resolutions accordingly. Based on the performance, contribution and outcome of representative councils, the special judge panel granted 112 group awards, including 26 Outstanding Delegations, 36 Distinguished Delegations, and 50 Honorable Mention Delegations. Outstanding position papers and outstanding delegates were also awarded. Our delegation was assigned by the committee to Section B representing Albania. The five-day event consisted of orientation, the opening ceremony, meetings of different commissions, general assembly/ Economic and Social Council conference  and closing ceremony.


The delegation is wholly funded by our Department of Teaching Affairs, Graduate School, School of International Education and Office of Global Engagement.Since October 2015, the team consisting of fifteen students and three tutors has been established through three rounds of selection. The 15-member delegation has different academic backgrounds such as foreign languages, economics, laws, administration, public and foreign relations, among which nine are undergraduates, and six postgraduates, while three tutors are teachers from School of Public and Foreign Relations, School of Public Foreign Education, and School of Foreign Languages. To prepare for the NMUNC, the delegates received four-month intensive training covering national conditions and diplomatic history of Albania, international law, the United Nations, public speaking and writing, and foreign protocol, which was co-organized by School of Foreign Languages, School of Public Foreign Education School of Administration, School of Public and Foreign Relations, School of Physics, School of Management and Medical School. Although it was the debut of our student delegation in global MUN conference, they communicated with other English-speaking delegations effortlessly and garnered the Honorable Mention Award.  


After the conference, the delegation was invited to Rutgers University and hosted by Professor Richard Edwards, Chancellor of New Brunswick Campus. Students and teachers of both sides discussed issues like environment and renewable energy. The delegation also exchanged views with their counterpart about issues encountered in model UN conference, thus strengthening their understanding about international affairs. The visit was capped with a dinner.