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Arakawa Masaru, Director and Vice President of Okayama University Led a Delegation to Visit Jilin University

Aug 16, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On January 7, Arakawa Masaru, director and vice president of Okayama University led a delegation of three to visit Jilin University.

Executive vice president Chen Gang met with the delegation and held talks on behalf of Jilin University. At the outset, both sides recognized the substantial achievements made in personnel training, academic cooperation and platform building over the 4 years of implementing “Asia Campus” program, a new model of higher education collaboration between China, Japan and South Korea. They exchanged views in respect of extensive cooperation built on what we already have and new models of cooperation at the initial stage of “Asia Campus” program and reached consensus on multiple issues.


The delegation also visited middle school affiliated to Jilin University Liwang Campus. Director Arakawa Masaru commended its advanced teaching conception and modern teaching facilities. Staff with department of international cooperation and exchange joined the event.