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Israeli Ambassador to China Matan Vilnai Visited Jilin University

Aug 15, 2016 Office of Global Engagement

On December 23rd, Matan Vilnai, the Israeli Ambassador to China, Michal Schwartz, Director of culture, academy and provincial affairs under the embassy, Alon Bar, CEO of  Asia Science & Technology Ltd., and another three people, visited Jilin University. They met Li Yuanyuan, President of Jilin University, Sun Youhong, Vice President, Li Junjiang,  Li Junjiang, Dean of Economics School, Zhang Guangcui, Director of Division of International Relations and Liu Baochang, Vice Dean of the College of Construction Engineering.


Li Yuanyuan first extended his gratitude to ambassador Matan Vilnai for his huge support and help to the cooperation between Jilin University and Israeli universities and enterprises. He also appreciated and was touched by the two visits that ambassador Matan paid to Jilin University this year, his field investigation at the  site of national oil shale in-situ retorting pilot test project and his strong attachment to China as well as Jilin University. Under the support of ambassador Matan Vilnai and working closely with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Jilin University will make the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference (to be held in Beer-Sheva, Israel) themed “Entrepreneurship and Innovation, China-Israel—Challenges and Opportunities” a success. Taking advantage of this conference, Jilin University will make more Israeli partners and explore joint educational programs with Israeli universities. Jilin University looks forward to having more Israeli faculties and students to study and work on its campus.

Ambassador Matan Vilnai thanked Jilin University for the hospitality he received and praised its efforts in promoting China-Israel mutual understanding and cooperation through cultural and people-to-people exchanges and educational cooperation. He was impressed by the  meticulous work done by the faculties and students against snow at the site of national oil shale in-situ retorting pilot test project. Ambassador Matan hopes that Jilin University can develop close cooperation with Israeli universities and enterprises so that they can contribute to the development of new energy in the two countries. Ambassador Matan Vilnai attaches great importance to the Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference themed “Entrepreneurship and Innovation, China-Israel— Challenges and Opportunities”. He hopes that Jilin University will make full use of this conference to develop closer cooperation and exchanges with Israeli universities.

Before the meeting, accompanied by vice president Ma Youhong and relevant personnel from the  the College of Construction Engineering, ambassador Matan Vilnai went to visit the  site of national oil shale in-situ retorting pilot test project at Nong’an County and learned about in detail the cooperation between Jilin University and Asia Science & Technology Ltd. for this project.