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JLU professor provides new solution to the world's "toughest" cardiovascular surgery

Jul 3, 2020

Jilin University Professor Liu Kexiang and his team became the first Chinese cardiovascular surgeons to have a paper published in Annals of Surgery, a top international medical journal.

Their paper, A New Aortic Arch Inclusion Technique With Frozen Elephant Trunk for Type A Aortic Dissection, published in the May issue of Annals of Surgery, provides a novel surgical approach to tackle Type A aortic dissection, one of the most acute and lethal cardiovascular conditions.

This approach is the eighth new surgical technique developed by Prof. Liu and his team at the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of the Second Bethune Hospital of Jilin University.

The Annals of Surgery journal

In absence of timely treatment, Type A aortic dissection can lead to a 50% mortality rate within 48 hours and 70% in a week. Current surgical treatments are often complicated, highly risky and time-consuming. Prof. Liu's new surgical approach can reduce anastomoses and bleeding, which means patients no longer need massive intraoperative blood transfusions. It also cuts the operation time from 7 to 5 hours, while lowering the risk of complications, reducing the financial burden on patients and increasing the recovery rate.

The publication of this paper will no doubt lead to global recognition for Prof. Liu and his team. It also indicates that the Second Bethune Hospital of Jilin University has now become one of the world’s leading cardiovascular medical facilities.