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JLU Professors Identified Gene Behind Familial Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Jul 28, 2020

A joint paper from Jilin University, Hong Kong University (HKU) and Harvard University claims to have identified a gene whose mutation may cause the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Mutations in COMP cause familial carpal tunnel syndrome was published on Nature Communications on July 20th. This is the first time that a gene is found to have direct relations with carpal tunnel syndrome.

First authors of the paper are Li Chunyu, associate professor of the Hand Surgery Department of the China Japan Union Hospital (CJUH), a teaching hospital of JLU, and Wang Ni, Ph.D. from HKU Faculty of Medicine. Corresponding authors are Professor Cui Shusen of CJUH, Assistant Professor Gao Bo from HKU Faculty of Medicine, and Professor Yang Yingzi from Harvard University.

The Article in Nature Communications

This study reveals for the first time that the cellular stress response induced by extracellular matrix protein mutation and the changes in the extracellular matrix environment may be the critical reasons for the incrassation and fibrosis of the connective tissue in the carpal tunnel, which compresses the median nerve and leads to carpal tunnel syndrome. Meanwhile, the important role of genetic factors in the pathogenesis of carpal tunnel syndrome was also clarified, providing a new approach to the prevention and treatment of the painful condition. The results are of great significance to the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel as well as the study of related systemic diseases.