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Professor Rao Mingli of Jilin University named "Most Beautiful Doctor of 2020"

Aug 20, 2020

Professor Rao Mingli, an 88-year-old pioneering neurologist from The First Bethune Hospital of Jilin University, was named "Most Beautiful Doctor of 2020" by the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Publicity Department and the National Health Commission on the evening of August 19. She is the first in Jilin University to receive this title.

Professor Rao Mingli (center) holding the Certificate of the “Most Beautiful Doctor of 2020”.

“Caring for patients is my duty,” Professor Rao said.

Though in her late 80s, Prof. Rao still sees patients every day. Even during the height of the COVID-19 epidemic when the hospital implemented a flexible working schedule, she never still managed to go to the hospital. "Being a doctor makes me happy and I will choose to be a doctor no matter how many times I am asked to make my choice", Prof. Rao said in an interview. "The patients are very happy to see her in the hospital and a ‘thank you’ from the cured patients will make her even happier", said one of Prof. Rao’s colleagues.

Rao's acceptance speech.

Since graduating from Peking University Medical School in 1955, I have been engaged in the medical practice, teaching, and researching of neurology. This is my profession and it is in this position that I serve the people. This position requires me to be careful and responsible and spare no efforts to relieve the pains of patients. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will never give up. During my 65 years as a doctor, I have done just what a doctor shall do. The award of the "Most Beautiful Doctor" title is an encouragement to me. I hope to contribute more to protect people's health and national prosperity in the rest of my life.