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JLU Holds the Second “Administrators Workshop on Global Competence”

Nov 27, 2020

From September 23rd to November 27th, the Second “JLU Administrators Workshop on Global Competence” was successfully held. A total of 23 administrators from JLU participated in the workshop.

The workshop was jointly organized by Jilin University and Macquarie University, Australia. Based on the needs of JLU participants, the teaching practice and the feedback from the first workshop, MQ’s English Language Centre tailored the workshop by offering fundamental and intermediate classes, with three modules at each level, including professional writing, conference management and participation, as well as public speaking.

In the “Professional Writing” module, JLU administrators learned the format and basic language protocols of international emails, as well as the format of letters of introduction, letters of invitation, letters of apology, and letters of acceptance and rejection. JLU administrators also improved their ability in using English grammar by writing different letters.

The “Conference Management and Participation” module allowed JLU administrators to become familiar with the language used in greetings, conversations and discussions in international conferences. The participants also practiced what they had learned through “scenario simulation”.

The “Public Speaking” module introduced the basic structure of public speaking, the use of transitional and coherent words, interactive language, body language, and how to make a PowerPoint, etc. JLU administrators also delivered keynote presentations at the end of the workshop, which were widely praised by the teachers.

The “JLU Administrators Workshop on Global Competence” was jointly launched by the Office of Organization, the Party School, the Office of Human Resources, and the Office of Global Engagement of JLU. This ten-week workshop fully utilized online communication platforms to build an immersive English-speaking environment aiming at improving overall English proficiency in line with work needs. Courses of the workshop were designed to be rich in content and form, which ignited participants’ initiative and learning interests, improved their ability to think logically in English and promoted their English writing capacity. The workshop aimed to continuously improve the administrators’ ability in international dialogue and their global competence, and to lay a solid foundation for JLU to improve its governance capacity and service level during the process of globalization, on the way toward building a world-renowned university.