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JLU Holds the First “Faculty Workshop on Global Competence”

Nov 24, 2020

From October 26th to November 24th, the First “JLU Faculty Workshop on Global Competence” was successfully held. A total of 40 JLU faculty members participated in this workshop.

This five-week online workshop invited professors from the University of Cambridge to give lectures about the history of its collegiate system, the similarities and differences between Chinese and British higher education systems, the teaching innovation of online labs in Cambridge, scientific research and cooperation in the AI era, the design and application of tutoring and assessment systems, communication and expression, and   academic writing and publication. These lectures helped JLU faculty to have an in-depth understanding about disciplines, scientific research mechanisms, and teaching management in the University of Cambridge. Through course modules, real-time interactions, group discussions and teamwork presentations, the workshop raised both JLU facultys ability to engage in international dialogues and their teamwork awareness. The faculty members who participated in the workshop expressed that this workshop not only widened their international horizons, but provoked rethinking of and reflection on teaching, providing them support to improve their teaching ability and their professionalism in the globalized context.