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JLU President Zhang Xi Attends the “2020 Conference of University Alliance of The Belt and Road”

Nov 28, 2020

On November 27th, Prof. Zhang Xi, President of Jilin University, was invited to attend the “2020 Conference of University Alliance of The Belt and Road”, jointly organized by the Department of Education of Gansu Province and Lanzhou University. The conference was held via an online conference platform, with the theme of “Exploring New Models of International Cooperation and Exchange in the Post-Epidemic Era”. On behalf of the organizers of the conference and Shenyang Center of the University Alliance of The Belt and Road respectively, Prof. Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University, and Prof. Sun Lei, Vice President of Northeastern University, delivered speeches during the opening ceremony. Wang Haiyan, Director General, Department of Education, Gansu Province, hosted the opening ceremony. Zhang Xi made a presentation entitled “Talent Cultivation through Integrative Research & Learning at Jilin University”.

Zhang Xi started from the theory of talent cultivation through integrative research and learning, sharing JLUs successful examples of talent cultivation by promoting original research on organic electroluminescent materials and multidisciplinary research in high-pressure science, and reviewing the practice of internationalized talent cultivation with the support of a global cooperation network. The International Committee for Minor Planets named No. 218914 Asteroid as “Tang Au-Chin Asteroid” to honor Prof. Tang’s spirit and contribution. Speaking of which, Zhang Xi reviewed Prof. Tang’s outstanding contributions and concepts in the field of teaching and talent cultivation. He pointed out that talent cultivation has always been the first priority of JLU. He also expressed his belief that the interplay among different ways of thinking will lead to effective advancement of integrative research and learning practice, so as to promote world-class talent cultivation in the context of globalization, which could benefit the community with a shared future for mankind.

Representatives from 27 foreign universities of 16 countries, including Azerbaijan, Australia, Belarus, Poland, Russia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, USA, Japan, Cyprus, Ukraine, Italy and UK, along with 32 domestic universities took part in the conference to have an in-depth discussion on the cooperation in higher education among The Belt and Road countries in the post-epidemic era.