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College of Physical Education


College of Physical Education traces its foundation to 2001. In 2006, the former Teaching and Research Center for Public Sports was integrated and incorporated into the Physical Education College. The integrated Physical Education College is responsible for teaching athletics majors, training master’s degree candidates and other post-graduate students, campus-wide public athletics instruction, organizing large-scale campus athletics events, high-leveled sports teams training and competition, and physical health testing for students.


The College now has social athletics guidance and management, sports training with two undergraduate majors; a first-level discipline authorized academic Masters of Sports Science degree program, an authorized Masters of Sports degree program, and a second-level discipline authorized Sports Sociology doctoral program.


Our college has always considered quality education to be our lifeblood. We constantly keep our educational philosophy up to date, strengthen our educational infrastructure, promote educational reform, and improve the quality of our teaching. Our college emphasizes increasing the level of scientific research on our teaching team. Adhering to the principle that research promotes development, from the School’s foundation until now, our faculty have undertaken research on numerous National Social Science Foundation projects, Ministry of Education humanities and social sciences projects, State Sports General Administration of Olympic Research projects, and a variety of provincial-level key research projects. Our college is focused on building high-level sports teams and having outstanding competitive athletics.



The College adheres to the principle of having a “focus on training to bring talent to its full potential.” Our college constantly improves policies relevant to teacher training and creates a favorable environment for the growth of talent. We actively encourage teachers to participate in academic educational exchanges both at home and abroad. In accordance with the necessities of constructing academic disciplines, creating majors, and creating curricula, there are plans to arrange teachers to participate in a variety of short-term academic training programs. We strive to build our faculty into a team with an appropriate amount of teachers, a reasonable structure, and a serious, professional teaching faculty.


Professor Yuan Lei was appointed as the dean of the National University Physical Education Steering Committee. He provides new millennium talent for the athletic department.


Graduate Education

Doctoral Program

Physical Education College doctor section is a second-leveled discipline of sports sociology under the first-leveled discipline of sociology.

Sports Sociology set up three research directions, including respectively, the organization and the development of community sports, major sports social problems studies, sports social psychology. The heads of each section are Professor Tian Yipeng, Professor Yuan Lei, and Professor Yang Jie, respectively.


Master’s Program

The Physical Education College of Jilin University is authorized to provide a first-level discipline master’s program in Sports Science (academic) and a first-leveled discipline master’s program in Sports (professional).


Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program trains students to adapt to the needs of socialist modernization and future social and technological development. The program promotes the development of healthy personalities, which are well-rounded and harmonious, both intellectually and physically. We help students cultivate an innovative spirit, practical skills, and an international perspective. The program enriches students with conscientiousness and responsibility.


Scientific Research

The College adheres to the concept of research and development and focuses on improving the scientific level of its teachers. Through building up a disciplinary base and research team building to carry out research work, the foundations for carrying out research work are consolidated. Now, our college is outstanding for its sports culture studies, social sports science studies, and youth physical health science research.


International Exchange

Our college leadership attaches great importance to international exchange. After years of efforts, international cooperation and exchanges at our college reflect features such as ‘overall layout, balanced development, and highlighted focus’.Since the establishment of our college, we have respectively built up good cooperative relations with universities in Japan, the United States, Russia, Denmark, and Egypt, and we have achieved significant results in external publicity, broadening the horizons of teachers and students as well as enhancing the level and strength of their research.


Sports Competitions

In competitive sports, our college has paid attention to building high-level sports teams and highlighting the outstanding features of our competitive sports. Currently, table tennis, track and field, volleyball, basketball, and other sports teams have obtained excellent results from participating in international and domestic competitions. A number of excellent athletes have emerged from our program.


‘Sunlight Sports’

For ‘sunlight sports’ our college vigorously promotes the concept of nationwide fitness to practice around the “establishment of sports culture ". We have successfully held more than 100 sunshine sports events, during which more than 280,000 people participated in the activities. We have actively created a fun for the sunshine sports activities, such as holding a short marathon, no pain running, snowball fights, and an endless variety of other entertaining games.


Public Education

The public sports class of Physical Education College is responsible for instructing more than 20,000 students in athletics classes. Over the years we have always strived to uphold the basic laws of higher education development, and to uphold basic education services. The overall objective of teaching is to enhance students' physical fitness and cultivate sports habits. The basic teaching philosophy is: “give students a university athletics instruction which provides them with a lifelong clear sense of direction, provides them with scientific training methods, and ensure they know the techniques.”