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College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering



In 1955, the faculties at Jiao Tong University, Huazhong Institute of Technology, and Shandong Institute of Technology were blended together at the newly formed Changchun Automobile and Tractor School. They were merged to offer the very first automobile tractor specializations in China, which included specializations in automobiles, tractors, and engines. When the university had just been founded, the school immediately established majors in agricultural machinery and preparatory organizations.


The College started offering master’s degree programs in the 1960s, Ph.D. programs in 1981, and postdoctoral fellowship programs in 1989.  Currently, the College has the First-Level Disciplines with the authorization to grant doctoral degrees in Agricultural Engineering.


Currently, there are totally 131 faculty members at our college. Among the faculty, 35 are full professors and 22 are Ph.D. supervisors. Among them, some have academic distinctions including one who is an academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


The College has made many achievements, including twice receiving the National Technological Invention Award and twice receiving the National Teaching Achievement Award during the last 10 years.


We have established extensive international cooperation and exchange with more than 20 famous foreign universities and institutes covered 10 countries, including University of Manchester , Nottingham University , Kansas State University , Tsukuba University , etc.


The Journal of Bionic Engineering, founded in 2004, was indexed by EI in 2007, and then SCI in 2008. By 2015, the SCI Impact Factor of JBE was 1.466.


As of now, we have granted degrees to over 8,700 bachelor’s students, 1,200 master’s degree students, and 300 Ph.D. students. Currently, there are 1,140 students at the CBAE. Among them, 766 are undergraduate students, 232 are postgraduate students, 139 are doctoral students, and 3 are international students.


Since our founding in 1955, we have seen a great many changes. Nonetheless, we have neither outgrown nor forgotten our founders’ original core values. Those values have determined the vision we strive to achieve, the way we work, and the qualities that we offer.


Majors and Specializations

 Majors and Specializations

-Undergraduate Program in Agricultural Mechanization and Automatization

-Undergraduate Program in Packing Engineering

-Undergraduate Program in Agricultural and Forestry Economy Management


-MA and Ph.D. Program in Agricultural Mechanization Engineering

-MA and Ph.D. Program in Agro-biological Environment and Energy Engineering

-MA and Ph.D. Program in Agricultural Electrification and Automation

-MA and Ph.D. Program in Bionic Science and Engineering

-MA Program in Agricultural and Forestry Economy Management



The CBAE is centered upon the National Key Disciplines of agricultural mechanization engineering, and emerging the cross-disciplinary field of bionics and engineering. Our school has published numerous high-level scientific research findings and has undertaken high-level National Key Project Research projects, some of which are included in the next section:


1. Instrument development and application for in-situ testing of material micromechanical properties (supported by the National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project). Lead Researcher: Ren Luquan

2. Potential oil and gas resources in China (The development and utilization of kerogen shale exploration) (Cooperation-Innovation Program of the Production, Study, Research and Application supported by the Ministry of Education, China). Lead Researcher: Ren Luquan

3. Ground soil experiment of Jade Rabbit moon rover (Key Defense Project of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation). Lead Researcher: Li Jianqiao

4. Key technologies, equipment development, and demonstration of corn planting machines (National "Twelfth Five-Year" Plan for Science & Technology Support). Lead Researcher: Jia Honglei.

I. International Conference Platform

                   1. International Society of Bionic Engineering

II. Partner Institutions

                   1. China-British Joint Laboratory of Jilin University and Nottingham University

III. Programs and Courses Taught in English:

                   1. Particle Science and Technology

                   2. Advanced Instrumentation and Control Systems for Biological Applications


Contact Information:

Website: http://cbae.jlu.edu.cn

Telephone: 86-431-85095253

Email: sbae@jlu.edu.cn

Fax: 86-431-85095253