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College of Software Engineering



College of Software Engineering is one of the 35 National Model Software Schools first commissioned by the Ministry of Education and the State Planning Commission in December 2001. The College has shown its quality by satisfactorily passing the mid-term evaluation assessments of model software schools conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2003 and 2006. In the year 2011, the College was authorized to grant Ph.D. degrees in the discipline of software engineering, making it one of the first few schools approved to do so by the Ministry of Education.


The JLU College of Software Engineering is devoted to exploring international exchange and collaboration. It has built connections with numerous top universities and research institutes, such as the University of Georgia (USA), the University of Missouri (USA), University of Queens (Canada), Griffith University (Australia), University of Limerick (Ireland), Kochi University of Technology (Japan), PRAGMA, and other institutions. In recent years, it has invited and hosted professors and researchers from the USA, Canada, Australia and other places to come teach and study. Given our focus on internationalization, half of our main courses are taught in English or bilingually (English and Chinese). Some of our courses are introduced and taught by foreign professors and experts from partner schools and companies. Examples of these courses include Software System Analysis and Design, Software Architecture, and many other diverse courses intended to teach students novel software technologies.


The College has concluded industry research collaboration agreements with 19 well-known software companies such as IBM and Sun. The College maintains more than 30 laboratories and experiment facility bases. A few of the more famous ones include the Jilin University-IBM Technology Center, the Jilin University-Huawei 3Com Center, the National Linux Technique Training and Promotion Center at Jilin University, the China-soft Center, the FAW Qiming Center, Jidazhengyuan, and many other facilities.


Areas of Specialization

Undergraduate Programs:

-Software Engineering

-Software Engineering (Excellent Engineers)


Master Degree Programs:

-Software Engineering


Doctoral Programs:

-Software Engineering



-Computer Basic Experimental Teaching Center of Jilin University

-IBM Technology Center

-Engineering and Technology Center of Communication Software Production Line of Jilin Province

-National Linux Training and Extension Promotion Center, Jilin University

-Network Technology and Application Software Engineering Research Center

-Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology of Jilin Province

-Software College of Jilin University Mambo Technology Software Engineering Training Base

-H3C Software Engineering Practice Base, Software College of Jilin University

-Software College of Jilin University Soft Corporation Practice Base

-Jilin University Zhuhai Teaching Practice Base

-Students Practice of Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Bases, Jilin University

-National Anti-computer invasion and Anti-virus Computer Research Center -Information Security (Jilin) Training Base

-Jilin University High Performance Computing Center


Collaborative Programs

(1) International Conferences

-Computer Science and Technology Frontier International Conference

-International Symposium on Collaborative Software Engineering

-The 19th Conference of the Grid Middleware Union Pacific Rim

-Sino-Japanese Bilateral IT Seminar

-The 1st International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology

-The 2nd International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology

-Tenth International Symposium on Biological Informatics

-The 3rd International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology

-The 4th International Workshop on Cancer Systems Biology

-International Symposium on Knowledge Modeling and Knowledge Management

-International Workshop on Semantic TechnologiesIWOST2015

(2) Cooperative Institutions

-Jilin University - the University of Georgia Joint Research Centre of the University of Georgia System Biology


(3) Programs and Courses Conducted in English

i. Postgraduate Programs on in Software Engineering

-High Performance Embedded Computing

-Theory and Application of Wireless Communication Network


ii. Undergraduate Programs on in Software Engineering

-Software System Analysis and Design

-Software Architecture


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