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College of Communications Engineering


College of Communications Engineering of Jilin University was established by merging the Changchun Post and Telecommunication Institute with the School of Information Science and Engineering of the former Jilin University of Technology in 2001.


CCE offers five undergraduate majors including Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments (signal processing and instruments), Automation, Communications Engineering, Information Engineering, Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering (optical communication), and is authorized to provide master’s degrees in Communication and Information Systems, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems, Signal and Information Processing, System Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Control Engineering. Moreover, the first three majors are authorized to grant doctoral degrees. CCE also has two postdoctoral research stations for the first-level disciplines of Control Science and Engineering and Information and Communication Engineering.


The scientific research institutions of CCE mainly include the Information Science Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Information Industry, the New Communication Technology Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Information Industries, the Intelligent Signal Recognition Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center of Jilin Province, the Automation Institute of Jilin University, the Signal Detection Technology and Instrument Research Institute, and the Weak Signal Detection and Estimation Laboratory.


In recent years, CCE has undertaken 215 national and provincial scientific research projects, including the National Scientific and Technological Brainstorming Project, National 863 Program High Technology Research projects, National Natural Science Fund projects, Major National Science and Technology Achievement Transformation projects, and Science and Technology Development Plan projects of Jilin Province. Our scientific research funding exceeds 64,630,000 yuan. We have received 19 science and technology achievement awards at the provincial and ministerial level and published 1206 academic papers in domestic and international authoritative academic journals and at conferences. We have 102 SCI-indexed papers, 393 EI-indexed papers, and 315 ISTP-indexed papers. The CCE has also published 42 books and won 63 patents.


Areas of Specialization

Undergraduate Programs:

- Telecommunications Engineering

- Information Engineering

- Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations

- Automation

- Optical Information Science and Engineering


Master Degree Programs:

- Communication and Information Systems

- Signal and Information Processing

- Control Theory and Control Engineering

- Systems Engineering

- Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System


Doctoral Programs:

- Communication and Information Systems

- Control Theory and Control Engineering



In recent years, CCE has completed 179 national and provincial scientific research projects with success, including National Scientific and Technological Brainstorm project, National 863 High Technology Research project, National Natural Science Fund project, Major National Science and Technology Achievement Transformation project, Science and Technology Development Plan project of Jilin Province, etc. The scientific research funds have amounted to 81,320,000 CNY. In these projects, there are 194 longitudinal topics, with a total of contract funds 55,520,000 CNY. Moreover, CCE has received 17 science and technology achievement awards at provincial and ministerial level, and published 878 academic papers on national and international authoritative academic journals and meetings. The number of papers indexed by SCI is 62, indexed by EI is 177 and indexed by ISTP is 191. CCE has published 38 monographs and teaching materials, and won 59 patents.


Collaborative Programs

(1) International Conferences

- Asia-Pacific Workshop on Wireless Networking and Communications

 (2) Cooperative Institutions

- short-term exchange and 2+2 (double degree) with University of Manchester in the UK

- 3+2 (Bachelor + Master) program with University of Illinois in Chicago of USA.


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