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College of Construction Engineering

College of Construction Engineering was founded in May 2001, with the major of engineering geology, civil engineering from college of environment and construction engineering, prospecting engineering from the college of engineering, former Jilin University of Technology. Its history could be traced back to 1952.

The college has established two bachelor’s degree programs, geological engineering and civil engineering. In 2019 geological engineering was rated as national first-class bachelor’s degree program, and civil engineering was rated as provincial first-class bachelor’s degree program.In addition, geological engineering has been certified as national engineering education program.

The college has established 3 doctor's degree programs, including geological engineering, civil engineering and geological disaster prevention and control, and 1 engineering doctor’s degree program, resources and environment (in the field of energy and environmental protection). The college has 2 engineering master’s degree programs, resources and environment (in the field of geological engineering), and civil & hydraulic engineering (in the field  of architecture and civil engineering), and post-doc research station of geological resources and geological engineering. Geological engineering is the national key discipline, geological resources and geological engineering are selected as “Double First-class” constructing disciplines, according to the list released by Ministry of Education. Civil engineering is rated as the special high-level discipline (A) of Jilin province.

College of Construction Engineering has a current teaching staff of 145, among which 42 are full professors, 38 associate professors and 28 doctoral supervisors. The college has 1 member of Chinese Academy of Sciences; 4 adjunct academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE); 1 is listed in the National "One-hundred, One-thousand,Ten- thousand Talent Project”; 1 is listed in the “New Century One-hundred, One-thousand, Ten-thousand Talent Project”; 4 are granted Special Government Allowances of the State Council; 1 is included in the Ministry of Education's “Cross Century Excellent Talents Support Project”;1 is included in the Ministry of Education's “New Century Excellent Talents Support Project”. 80% of the faculty own doctoral degrees, and 25% of the faculty have overseas studies experience. The college’s advantages in talents provide robust teaching support for cultivating high-end inter-disciplinary talent.

The college has 3 key labs under ministry of education, and 1 under Ministry of Land and Resources, 4 provincial key labs and 3 research institutes. Over the past 7 years, we get 392 grants from provincial to national level, with total research fund of 0.3 billion RMB.Two research results have won the second prize of National Technology Invention Awards. 6 others have won first and second prize of Scientific Achievement Awards at provincial and ministerial level. The faculty own 200 odd invention patents, publish more than 550 papers retrieved by SCI and EI, and publish 29 textbooks and monographs. Most of the research results rank the top in China, and some of them are in the world leading position, achieving huge economic benefit and social benefit.

The college has created a great internationalized education environment. It has established intercollegiate relationships with more than 20 related higher institutions in 10 odd countries, such as Hanyang University, École Centrale Nantes,University of Kentucky. Each year, a couple of world-renowned foreign experts are invited to give lectures in college. The college holds international academic conferences regularly and supports students for international exchange programs, bearing rich fruits in scientific research, academic exchange and talent cultivation.  

The college has 1146 undergraduate students, 222 postgraduate students, 112 doctoral students, and 11 international students. Some graduates pursue their further studies abroad, such as in US, UK, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, etc. Over 40% of graduates pursue their further studies in JLU or other top universities in China, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Tongji University,Harbin Institute of Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. Graduate employment rate reaches 95%, and satisfaction rate of the graduate is above 90%.

Over the past 6 decades, the college has cultivated more than 10 thousand talents, including 1 member of CAS, 9 national famous prospector. The graduates make their contributions for the country in various fields, such as education, scientific research, national land and resources development, energy development, hydropower development, traffic, national defense, mining, city design and construction, ocean and polar region exploration.