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The Second Hospital of Jilin University 


The Second Hospital of Jilin University is located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeast China. It was founded in 1936. Through the unremitting efforts of generations, the Second Hospital of Jilin University has become a modern, comprehensive, AAA-class hospital with medical treatment, teaching, research, rehabilitation, and health care. The Hospital is under the administration of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China.


The Hospital has three campuses, which cover a total area of 185,000m2and with a total building area of 169,000 m2. The new campus next to Yatai Street is under construction, with a projected building area of 340,000 m2. The Hospital is home to 51 clinical departments and 10 medical laboratories, including 6 national key clinical specialty construction project laboratories, six provincial medical quality control centers, and three provincial key laboratories. It is has been awarded many honors such as the national baby-friendly hospital award and the national most-trusted hospital award.


The Hospital has 3,000 patient beds and, 4,000 medical personnel, of which 499 have senior professional titles, 704 have associate senior professional titles, and 1,910 are nurses.


The Hospital is building a new campus, which will cover over 340,000 m2, with a total building area of 90,000m2.It will be completed and put into use in 2017.


Leading Departments and Features

Our departments of ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics, cardiovascular medicine, orthopedics, general surgery, pathology, and respiratory and critical care medicine have been given full play to their advantages and overcome many difficulties. They have set numerous records in new technology and new therapies. For instance, the ophthalmology department initiated pioneered 25G minimally invasive vitreoretinal surgery; the gynecology and obstetrics department took the lead in treating gynecologic malignant tumor using laparoscopy in Jilin province; cardiovascular medicine department is the first to use cardiac interventional therapy comprising medicine sacculus, OCT, FFR, directional coronary atherectomy; cardiovascular surgery department finished the first heart transplantation surgery by native doctors; orthopedics department applied 3D printing technology into trauma, spine, joint, ankle treatment and finished many world-leading replacement surgeries. These

departments all play their roles in filling the vacuum in Jilin province, China, and the world.



The Hospital has 430 sets of sophisticated medical equipment, including magnetic resonance imaging guided focused ultrasound diagnostic systems, a Philips 256 row CT, a Hitachi Scenaria (128) CT, a E-CT, 4 nuclear magnetic resonance of world famous brands, a Philips IE33 ultrasound, a Varian linear accelerator, a full digital plate type cardiovascular angiography machine (DSA), a Siemens 3DC arm, a Stryker computer-assisted surgical navigation system, and a femtosecond laser therapeutic apparatus. Fixed assets are worth 2 billion CNY.


Teaching Achievements

The hospital has 35 teaching and research offices, 34 doctoral supervisors, and 237 master’s supervisors. We have two multi-post holding academics, two ‘New Century Talents’ of the Ministry of Education scholars, six young professional personnel with outstanding contributions in the health systems of Jilin province, five excellent innovative personnel, three academic pace-setters, one distinguished visiting professor of the Changbai Mountain Scholar program, and one chair professor of the Changbai Mountain Scholar program. There are two open courses at the hospital, which have been recognized as excellent courses by the Ministry of Education, six courses, which were awarded for course excellence by the province, and the school has received four provincial rewards for teaching faculty excellence. In May 2016, teachers and students of the second hospital of Jilin University represented the university as they participated in the National Clinical Skills Competition of College Medical Students and were awarded the top prize, setting a record within Jilin University medical education competition.


Scientific Research Achievements

As part of the 12th Five- Year Plan, the hospital received 46 projects from the National Natural Science Fund (23 in the 11th Five Year Plan).The hospital received 253 projects as part of the Program 973 (the National Key Basic Research Development Plan) and already received 77.47million CNY in funding for scientific research. Over 3,244 papers have been published, of which more than 705 have been cataloged in the SCI-index (95 during the 11th Five Year Plan), 172 have been indexed by EI (19 during the 11th Five Year Plan), and has been granted75 patents.


Research Hubs

-Research Center of the Second Hospital of Jilin University

-Molecular Disease and Chemical Genetics Key Laboratory of Jilin province

-Nephropathy Research Academic Work station of Jilin province

-Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment International Cooperation Base of Jilin province

-Diabetes Mellitus and Complications Project Laboratory

-Antineoplastic Drug Project Laboratory

-Nephropathy Key Laboratory of Jilin province

-Healthy Birth and Child Development Key Laboratory of Jilin province

-Diabetes Mellitus and Complications Key Laboratory of Jilin province

-Ophthalmology Department Key Laboratory of Jilin province

-The Second Hospital of Jilin University General Surgery Key Laboratory Unit

-The Jilin Province Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Kidney Disease Research Center

-Cellular Elements of Metabolic Bone Disease Treatment Study Center

-Jilin Laboratory of Ophthalmology

-Key Laboratory for Relevance Studies on PM2.5 Environmental Exposure and Respiratory System Diseases

(1) Clinical Departments:

 Respiratory Medicine

                                                -Infectious disease department

                                                -Kidney Disease Department

Cardiovascular medicine

                                                -Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas Department


                                                -Neurology Department

                                                -Endocrinology Department

Oncological Hematology

                                                -Thyroid Surgery

                                                -Breast Surgery

                                                -Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas Department

                                                -Gastrointestinal and Nutrition Surgery

Colo-Rectal Surgery

Vascular Surgery

                                                -Cardiovascular Surgery

                                                -Thoracic Surgery

                                                -First department of Neurosurgery

Second Department of Neurosurgery

Articular Surgery

                                                -Traumatology Department

Spine Surgery

                                                -Sports Medicine Arthroscopy

                                                -Hand and Foot Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery Center

                                                -Bone Recovery and Pain Management Department

                                                -Urology Surgery

                                                -Otolaryngology department

                                                -Obstetrics and Gynecology Department


Ocular Fundus Disease Department

Glaucoma Department

Ophthalmology Department

Cataract Department

Orbital Disease and Ocular Plastic Surgery Department

Ocular Surface Disease and Ocular Plastic Surgery Department

Strabismus and Ophthalmic of Children

Quasi-Molecular Laser Treatment Center

Optometry Department

Emergency Medicine

Anesthesiology Department


Neonatology Department

Dermatology Department

Medical Cosmetology department

Rehabilitation Department

Geriatrics Department and General Medicine

Intervention Technology Department

Traditional Chinese Medicine department

Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Stomatology Department

Medical Center

(2) Medical Labs

-Medicine Administration Department

-Clinical Laboratory

-Radiology Department

-Electric Diagnosis Department

-Pathology Department

-Blood Transfusion Department

-Supply Room

-Nuclear Medicine department

-Endoscopy Department

-Nutritional Department

 (3) Centers

-Clinic Center of General Surgery Diseases of Jilin University

-Obstetrics and Gynecology Center, Second Hospital of Jilin University

-Cardiovascular Center, Second Hospital of Jilin University

-Ophthalmic Center, Second Hospital of Jilin University

-Orthopedics Center, Second Hospital of Jilin University


International Cooperation and Exchanges

In the past three years, the hospital has sent 43 young doctors to study in famous medical schools in the United States, Canada, and the UK. By the end of 2015, the hospital has hosted visits from 38 well-renowned domestic and foreign experts, including some from Harvard University, Okayama University, London University, and other institutions. They play an important role in promoting the disciplinary development and personnel training of the hospital. The hospital has established an exchange program with Hallym University Medical Center and signed an MOU with Sweden Medical Institute of the United States.


There are 434 teachers, of which 138 are under 40 years old and 74 have overseas study experiences. Moreover, 56 teachers have at least one year of overseas study experience. In the past five years, 72 personnel have gone abroad on business to conduct short-term research and study, their numbers constituting 84% of our teachers.


Contact Information:



Telephone: 86-431-88796555