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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (JLUSPS) 


JLUSPS is one of the eight colleges affiliated to the Department Faculty of Medical Sciences (The First Hospital of Jilin University, The Second Hospital of Jilin University, The Third Hospital of Jilin University, the School of Stomatology, the School of Basic Medical Sciences, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the School of Public Health, and the School of Nursing). JLUSPS is a teaching and research college, which stands out for its programs in Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy and Biomedical Engineering (specializing in Regenerative Medicine Direction) Integrated Science, Medicine, Medical Engineering, and other disciplines.


JLUSPS traces the history to the former School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences. It was founded by the famous natural medicine chemistry professor Xu Jingda and some other well-known educators and scientists in 1998. It started its undergraduate programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the same year. It was renamed as Jilin University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and started another 5-year undergraduate program in Bioengineering (Medicine) in 2000. It began enrolling undergraduate students in 2001. In 2013, it launched another new 5-year undergraduate program, Clinical Pharmacy. In 2015, pharmacy education programs were established for international students from all over the world.


 Majors and Specializations

 Undergraduate Programs:

-Pharmaceutical Sciences

-Clinical pharmacy

-Biomedical engineering (Regenerative Medicine)

 Master Degree Programs:

-Pathology and Pathophysiology

-Medicinal Chemistry



-Pharmaceutical Analysis Studies

-Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy



-Clinical Pharmacy

-Biomedical Engineering

-Regenerative Medicine

 Ph.D. Degree Programs:

-Pathology and Pathophysiology

-Medicinal chemistry



-Pharmaceutical Analysis Studies

-Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy



-Regenerative Medicine



Our School has undertaken numerous research programs under major national support projects, including 863 Program projects, Program 973 projects, National Natural Science Fund projects, “specialized research fund for doctoral programs in institutions of higher education” projects, and provincial scientific research projects. The development of traditional Chinese and natural medicine, chemical medicine, biological products, and some other drugs has shown that we have made significant achievements in transforming scientific research. Many of our research achievements have won the second place at the National Science and Technology Progress Awards, the first place at the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards, and many other awards at the provincial and ministerial level. Additionally, our college has published a noteworthy number of core journals, and SCI- and EI-indexed articles.


Research Projects and Leaders:

1. Anticancer Drugs "Hydroxyl Fluoride Quinoline" research project (863 Program).

Lead Researcher: Sui Dayuan

2.  Injections and Pharmacology and Toxicology Security Research on Ixeris sonchifolia (863 Program).

Lead Researcher: Sui Dayuan

3. On Key Technology of the Separation and Purification of Embryonic Tissue Stem cells before the Industrialization of Stem Cell Preparations.

Lead Researcher: Yan Weiqun


International Collaboration Programs

Over the past 40 years, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences has developed rapidly. It has established excellent exchange and cooperative relations with numerous domestic and international colleges and universities. It has also established teaching research bases with several major pharmaceutical companies.

These are some of the institutions with which we have formed these relations:

-Kitasato University (Japan)

-University of Iowa (USA)

-The James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, Cincinnati (USA)

-Rikagaku Kenkyusho/Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, RIKEN (Japan)

-University of Manitoba (Canada)


Programs and Courses Taught in English

1. Human Disease and Drug Development

2.  Biological Information

3. Total Synthesis of Natural Products

4.  Pharmacy Management


Contact Information


Telephone: +86-431-85619289

Fax: +86- 431-85619289