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JLU Holds the Third “Faculty Workshop on Global Competence”

Feb 1, 2021

From January 25th to 31st, 2021, the third “JLU Faculty Workshop on Global Competence” was successfully held. A total of 33 JLU faculty members participated in the workshop.

This online workshop invited faculty members from the University of Cambridge to give lectures on topics such as classroom management and organization, interdisciplinary cooperation, and paper publication. This gave JLU participants the opportunity to learn about the classroom management and organization mode of the University of Cambridge in an English-speaking environment. Also, based on their own teaching and interdisciplinary cooperation experience, JLU participants conducted in-depth discussions with the faculty members from Cambridge. Under the guidance and assistance of the Cambridge faculty members, JLU participants cooperated with each other to complete various discussions and presentations, which gained unanimous recognition and praise from the Cambridge colleagues.

JLU’s Faculty Workshop on Global Competence series aims to provide JLU faculty members with a global platform for learning by creating opportunities for exchanges and discussions with the faculty members of Cambridge. The workshop has enriched JLU faculty members teaching experience, widened their vision on scientific research cooperation, improved their team spirit, and strengthened their ability in international communication and global competence.