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JLU Holds 2021 Winter Program of “Faculty and Administrators Workshop on Global Competence”

Mar 5, 2021

From February 22nd to March 4th, the 2021 Winter Program ofJLU Faculty and Administrators Workshop on Global Competence” was successfully held. 29 JLU faculty members and administrators participated in the workshop.

The workshop was jointly organized by Jilin University and Macquarie University, Australia. Based on the needs of JLU participants, MQs English Language Center has tailored training programs with moderate difficulty and rich content, integrating the experience of previous workshops, feedback from previous participants, and the English proficiency of participants in this workshop. The program contains three modules, including conference management and participation, professional writing, and public speaking.

In theConference Management and Participation” module, the participants learned to use common expressions through model conferences. In the “Professional Writing” module, teachers from MQ provided systematical guidance to participants in terms of the format and language of English email writing, with which JLU participants improved their ability to write letters of introduction, invitation, apology, acceptance and rejection, and so forth. The “Public Speaking” model enabled the participants to connect the dots between their presentations and basic structure, use of introductory language, interaction, and physical communication in English public speaking. It also helped participants to improve their PowerPoint skills. Their performance won a round of applause from teachers of MQ.

The “JLU Faculty and Administrators Workshop on Global Competence” was jointly launched by the Office of Organization, the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Teacher Affairs, the Center for Teaching and Learning Development, and the Office of Global Engagement at JLU. The nine-day workshop, with interconnected and substantial courses, provides an immersive English learning platform for JLU faculty members and administrators, strengthening their teamwork spirit and actively promoting their capability in international communication and their global competence.